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Term-time childminders

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lisbapalea Wed 01-Dec-10 09:54:36

Hi all,

I have a hypothetical question as I haven't yet confirmed my childcare for when I return to work next year, but I just spoke to a childminder who sounded lovely and have arrange an appointment to meet her next week.

Trouble is, she's term-time only...

What do other mums do who use term-time only childminders?

This is probably a stupid question but as I have never done this before, I'd appreciate any words of wisdom!


Danthe4th Wed 01-Dec-10 10:48:25

I'm term time only and offer adhoc emergency care in the holidays. My parents either use a holiday club if they are over 5 or I have 1 parent that uses a nursery that offers holiday care if pre booked. Other parents I have had in the past mostly use their own and partners holidays as they also have children in school.
It depends on the age of your child and how flexible your boss is to how much of a problem it is going to be.

HSMM Wed 01-Dec-10 15:39:16

I do term time only and all year contracts. There are probably CMs in your area who are open all year, if that is what you need.

MJB66 Thu 02-Dec-10 19:38:55

I, at the moment, only have term time, after schoolers, most of their parents appear to have at least 10 weeks holiday between them and use this to cover school hols.

However the 3 3/4 yr old goes to a Montessori Nursery, he is also term time,(who will eventually go on to prep school, therefore holidays are longer thaan the average state nursery/school)9am-3pm,
I take him for ad hoc days when mum and dad can not get other care (long dont ask)

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