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Ages ago, someone put a link to a childminders forum

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Saltire Tue 30-Nov-10 20:40:10

this one in fact. But I registered on it, and then forgot my details so i requested a password reminder, which I got sent 5 minutes ago. But when I'm trying to log in it says that password reset request was requested more than 24 hours ago, so the new password they sent 5 mintues ago ahs expired.

FFS. s anyone else on there that can help me out?

BoysAreLikeDogs Tue 30-Nov-10 20:55:06

Pippin, I think, is a member x x x

stomp Tue 30-Nov-10 21:18:28

They are on facebook too so you could try sending a message to Pauline (the boss) via there.

aceandskill Thu 02-Dec-10 14:12:06

I am a member - they rule with a rod of iron and have many many rules to get to grips with including stuff like this time limit you mention. I don't know how they find the time... good forum tho if you can get in

MJB66 Thu 02-Dec-10 19:00:37

Try again :-(
or scroll down to the bottom and see if theres a 'contact us' thingy, see if that can help?

moogster1a Fri 03-Dec-10 09:01:43

I had a message from the "boss" of this saying I was the most unpopular member of the site after I'd dared to express some opinions which weren't Stepford wife / Mary Poppins perfect.I was quite proud!

aceandskill Fri 03-Dec-10 17:55:27

Wow moogster I might see if I can take your crown with a few well chosen opinions....! Let's start with: your rules suck. OOops wrong forum I'll just pop over there...

MJB66 Fri 03-Dec-10 20:14:02

Ive never been in trouble, coz I'm a good girl, so there....

lollipopmother Sat 04-Dec-10 11:23:01

I'm on there and I enjoy it, much easier going than on here, I find I can write what I mean rather than having to pad it out to make it seem like I'm not really as mad/sad/irritated in case I offend someone (MN is seriously touchy!) - everyone on there is a CM and they have all had the same problems or worries at some point. Can't say I've ever been in trouble, although I did write a swear word on there once and it came up as ** automatically, which I was a little surpirsed at!

MJB66 Sun 05-Dec-10 09:45:23

Same as Lollipop, you dont get 'put down, or flamed as quickly..

Berryred Tue 28-Dec-10 13:28:38

lol Having been a member on said forum for 3 years grin I find it much easier to follow!

yes there are debates but they don't end in a slanging match that happens on here (of posts I seem to find anyway lol)

pippin26 Tue 28-Dec-10 18:28:22

i have been on that forum for a loooong while now and whilst different views and opinions are always welcomed - often the abrasive/curt manner of posting that is sometimes found over here for instance is not tolerated or welcome.
Moogster - its all very well you saying what you have but site owner and many of the forum members take a great pride in the fact that the forum is tolerant and is a FAMILY site - many of our own children might have a chatter on there occaionsally as they know each other. There is no bad language or flaming welcome. Like I say you can express a different opinion but when its done deliberately to provoke then even to me its out of order. So Aceandskill, you may be saying what you are in a tongue in cheek way but there are quite a few others on there who say it like it is and they already claim that crown. Yet again though there is a massive difference in the way they express themselves as to how things get expressed on here.

Its a fantastic site with lots of helpful members. We aren't just cyber buddies - we do actually meet up reguarly and not just regionally.

Its each to their own and the Childminding Forum is not to everyones taste and that is fine. I find the forum a wonderful source of help and friendship and fun.

There are a few 'rules' and criteria to navigate around because there is TONS of info on the forum that is other peoples very hard work - stuff like planning, activities, documents, coursework discussion. There have been a few instances where the kindness and generosity of others donating their free work has been abused. There are also 'levels' of membership which is there to protect everyone.

to the OP - remail Pauline or find us on Facebook

moogster1a Wed 29-Dec-10 12:01:32

ooh, sounds like I'm being told off again!
Must remember lots of people on there only seem to talk to children and not grownups from the expereience I've had!
I will speak in my best good girl voice from now on.
ps. I've never sworn on there or deliberatley provoked ( well, maybe a few times when the holier than thou attitude becomes just too annoying!!)

pippin26 Wed 29-Dec-10 21:57:59

Get stuffed Moogster. grin if you cannot behave like an adult instead of juvie type behaviour (do you feel safe doing so behind an anon sign in name and screen?) then take it elsewhere.

I am and always will defend the forum and the terrific people who are extremely valued friends.

onceinabluemoon Wed 29-Dec-10 23:08:46

I would message them again and let them know what has happened.

I've never found it overly rule based and usually feel free to say what I think rather than stroking somebody's ego as can happen on so many other message boards...

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