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Necessary paperwork? Some1 with a bit of time??

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parker1313 Tue 30-Nov-10 18:07:05

Wondered if anyone has the time to send me a list if all the policies etc a childminder has to have?
I know of the following :- equal opportunities, 999call permission, contact form, complaints.
Anymore would b a real help.
I need to re-register as quickly as possible. Want to get all the paperwork done asap so all I then need is crb,docs health declaration etc etc.
Very cheeky I know but if anyone has any forms they could email that would b fantastic. 80))

looneytune Tue 30-Nov-10 18:10:29


My handbook includes the following although some of it isn't compulsary. The Bromley childminders website is great for help with template policies. Here's my list:

Admissions Policy
Settling In Policy
Over 8’s Childminding Policy
Payment Schedule
Hours of Operation
Rates of Pay
Late Payment of fees policy
Mindee Holiday
Bank Holidays
Childminder Holiday
Sickness Pay
School Closures or other unforeseen events
Exclusion Policy
Proper Dress
Personal Possessions Policy
Sleeping Baby Policy
Overnight Care Policy
Working in Partnership with Parents Policy
Confidentiality Policy
Care, Learning and Play Policy
Nappy and Toilet Training Policy
Sun Protection Policy
Equal Opportunities Policy
Complaints Procedure
Television Policy
Video Games Policy
Internet Safety Policy
House Rules
Early Years Age Group in other settings
Hygiene Policy
Pet Policy
Healthy Eating Policy
Food Storage/Heating Procedure
Physical Contact Policy
Safeguarding Children Policy
Accident/Incident Policy
Procedure for Allegations of Abuse against a Childminder
Visitors In my Home
Criminal Record Bureau Checks
Other Adults in the House Policy
No Smoking Policy
Alcohol and Drugs Policy
Procedures in the event of a terrorist attack or national emergency
Independent arrival at childminders policy
The Handing Over of Responsibility
Dropping off and Collection Policy
Policy on Biting
Managing Behaviour Policy
Bullying Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Emergency Evacuation Procedure
Sick Child Policy
Medicine Policy
Childminder Sickness Policy
Asthma Policy
Head Lice Policy
Childminding Safety on Outings Policy
Lost Child Policy
Transporting Children in a Car Policy
Cars seat Laws
Outdoor Play Equipment Policy
Water Activity Policy
End of Contract

When you say ASAP, how soon do you need to register? I'd allow a MIN of 3 months, many take 6 months these days I'm afraid to say.

looneytune Tue 30-Nov-10 18:11:15

And wouldn't you need to go on all the courses again? I'm pretty sure you do.

parker1313 Tue 30-Nov-10 18:42:57

Thankyou so much for all that.
Yes I need to do everything again unfortunately.
I am predicting 3ish months. I just want to be as ready as possible&cover everything I can asap.
There really is alot isn't there.
Any poss you could tell me which r compulsory ?

aceandskill Tue 30-Nov-10 20:16:22

Compulsory are:
Complaints procedure, Lost child policy, Permission for emergency medical treatment and transport to hospital - including permission for mindees to be left with emergency contact.

I think that's it for compulsory, though I have a niggling doubt that there might be one more....anyone?

They don't check til your first inspection anyway, so plenty of time to get sorted.

I think looneytunes list is exceptional, I have about 15 policies altogether though I know people with less - lots can be combined though I bet its fun to make ofsted read that lot!

aceandskill Tue 30-Nov-10 20:18:12

PS 3 months is very ambitious, took me from may to november for crbs etc sorry to be a downer

Scarfmaker Tue 30-Nov-10 21:16:12

Child Protection (Safeguarding) Policy.

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