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Nanny starts tomorrow - any tips?

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MrsCurly Mon 29-Nov-10 13:41:58

Never employed a nanny before so this is virgin territory.

She starts tomorrow just one day a week between now and Christmas as a gentle introduction before proper start in Jan (four days a week).

Job is primarily to look after baby plus two older DC at school most of the day.

Any good tips for starting out well and setting the tone for a good relationship?

With many thanks,

Mrs C

SimpleAsABC Mon 29-Nov-10 14:36:20

Is your nanny a new nanny? Try not to micro manage your initially. If she's an experienced nanny she won't require or appreciate it. If it is necessary it should become quite obvious, quite quickly. IMO, it seems like a mistake that nannies find it difficult to overcome so much better to give her the benefit of the doubt (obviously within the realms of small things, i.e. what to make for lunch etc). Talking as a nanny who has been there and got the t shirt. I'm sure there will be employers who think the same though (and i'm not saying there wont be instances when micro managing becomes necessary).

Say thank you if the nanny does something over and above the call of duty but dont go on to then expect this.

Be clear on what you need and want. What your bug bears are and where the areas are for negotiation.

Enjoy your super fab nanny and hope it all goes well!

Laquitar Mon 29-Nov-10 14:38:39

Don't panic grin

No need to be over-nice, just be yourself and be very clear about everything.

Ok you can have together a cup of coffee first thing and show her around the kitchen, coffee, tea, d/w etc for herself, stuff for the baby etc. Then show her all the house plus power and water switch off. Where baby's clothes are kept, how w/m works.

I would say go together for walk and show her the park and library but probably too cold tomorrow. Perhaps print some local area info and map? (local park, library, baby groups, surgery).

I would also ask her what she likes for her lunches so you can include it in your shopping list.

Don't worry smile

madwomanintheattic Mon 29-Nov-10 14:42:49

make sure you have a 'petty cash' jar in the cupboard where you can put money that she can use if she needs to for the general house/ kids stuff. receipts left there so you can clear it at the end of each week and replace the money.

and as others have said, yes, go through your routines etc etc (i wrote up a weekly timetable for repeat stuff) but then give her some space, letting her know that you are there to ask questions if she needs to, and would rather she did!

get a book/ file to be left somewhere prominent, so that you can both write notes/ reminders to each other about the day to day stuff.

MrsCurly Mon 29-Nov-10 20:31:09

Thank you. Really helpful.

ChippingIn Mon 29-Nov-10 20:42:28

Also remember that it is difficult for her to get on with her job while you are there - there's a fine line between looking lazy & taking over... if you want her to do something - just ask & don't assume she wont do things when you aren't there, just because she doesn't when you are there - iyswim.

Organise to go out next week for at least half of her day.

It will be harder for her to bond with the children and get to know them when you are around, when they are alone with her it will be much easier.

Also with lunches, food for the children etc - let her know what is and what isn't OK for her to use, get a system - have a space in the fridge that is yours or post it notes or something. Some people seem to get upset when the nanny isn't clairvoyant enough to know if certain food is for the parents only!

Have a system for 'shopping' whatever it is that suits you, but have a system (for example if you are getting low on something does she buy it or leave a note, can she buy food to make the DC's dinners or must she use what you already have etc) things like this seem to cause issues.

I clearly spend too much time on MN listening to people complain about their nannies/employers!

Just talk to her, treat her like a colleague and not 'staff' grin and you'll be fine!

ChippingIn Mon 29-Nov-10 20:42:52

Oh and if it's Giraffes - be bloody grateful you got her!

Oligo Mon 29-Nov-10 22:20:39

This is a really handy and useful thread and feel posts have been really articulate and perspicacious

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