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Nanny using own car?

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PDR Sun 28-Nov-10 18:13:35

What are the insurance implications of the nanny using her own car to transport the DC?

And how much is the going rate for mileage?

nannyl Sun 28-Nov-10 18:29:33

40p per miles

she needs to have buisness class one insurance, which many insurance companies will add on for free, or maybe a small charge (less than a fiver for me)

you also need to think about car seats. are you going to spend forever swapping them between cars or buy some extra for nanny to keep in her car all the time (if nanny is happy to have car seats strapped in her car all the time)

PDR Sun 28-Nov-10 19:05:37

Fab - thank you it sounds simple enough. We have three sets of car seats for me, DH and my DM so will give her one set to keep in her car all the time - if she wants to that is!

nannynick Sun 28-Nov-10 19:53:07

Specialist insurance is also available from MortonMichel which adds specifically "business use in connection with childcare activities." The insurance company should be told of the purpose so that they can correctly underwrite the policy, so when your nanny asks their insurer about insurance they need to say that they are using their car to transport children for whom they contracted to care.

As with all insurance, you never know if it really covers you until you actually make a claim. So the advice is to get as good a level of cover as possible, given the cost.

I get my own car seats - that way I know they fit my car. That's just me though... if you have car seats then by all means let your nanny use them.

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