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wvd information for childminders

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Sandym3g Tue 23-Nov-10 10:14:14

Is there such a resouce out there?

Booh Tue 23-Nov-10 11:19:00

Sorry I don't know what a wvd is?

ComingDownTheChimmley Tue 23-Nov-10 11:31:33

do you mean winter vomiting disease (commonly known as noro) ?

exclude per your D and V policy, mine is 48 hours from the last episode

ComingDownTheChimmley Tue 23-Nov-10 11:41:54

nhs stuff here, says stay at home til clear of symptoms for 48 hrs

Of course wvd might mean something else to you, in which case ignore me !

Sandym3g Tue 23-Nov-10 22:51:10

Yes thats exactly what I mean. We had a schoolie aged 5 that vomited just after mum told us that she has been complaining of pains in her stomach but she didn't have a fever so she was going to allow her to go into school. She changed her mind after that.

My DH (also a cm) did the school run and found out that wvd has been in the school and a letter about it last week! It would have nice to be forewarned about it!

Anyway cos of that I decided to do a fact sheet with regards to wvd so that us and the parents would know how to take precautions. (hence the orginal post)

The mum of the sick child came to pick up her brother at lunch time. She told me how the sick child had perked up and was asking for some food when she got home, before she left her with a friend to look after her. I told her that accordining to the guidelines (that I gave her just moments before) we couldn't look after her until she hadn't been sick etc. She said "even if the school say it's ok?" (I knew that they would have had the same view on it) She picked up her son and stormed out. Even though I said sorry that is just the way it was she wouldn't listen.

DH went over to her home to explain to mum and as it happened sick child wasn't feeling too good and on the sofa. She said sorry as she understood where I was coming from. Just didn't want to accept it at the time.

Later this pm the other mindee was sick too. We are in the process of cleaning everything.

Thanks for the link btw.

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