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Mexican au pair in the UK

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kitkat1967 Sat 20-Nov-10 22:13:36


Does anyone know if an au pair from Mexico needs a visa to work in the UK? And if so is this easy to arrange?
I am looking for a Spanish (speaking) au pair and have a good applicant from Mexico but as this is a non-EU county is it going to be tricky - maybe not worth the effort?


PS. - one day I will get this au pair sorted and stop asking you all stupid questions!!

expatinscotland Sat 20-Nov-10 22:15:34

Yes, they need a visa. One for non-EU/EEA non-highly-skilled workers. Or she can be on a student visa and work 20 hours/week during term time and 40 hours/week in term holidays (students still need a visa, though).

The government is making it even more difficult for non-EU/EEA nationals to work here, even if highly-skilled.

kitkat1967 Sat 20-Nov-10 22:26:43

thanks. Sound like a pain then and probably not worth progressing. We have loads of Spanish applicants so back to plan A then. Shame.


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