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would first-time babysitter be nervous about man in house?

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kenobi Mon 15-Nov-10 15:54:22

Hi I need your lovely help asap.

I would like a prospective babysitter/nanny (who we've never met and vice versa) to come round and do a trial with my DD on wed this week (paid of course). I won't be there but DH will.

Should I say anything like "I hope you won't feel uncomfortable about being alone in the house with him having not yet met me, but he is a xxxx from xxxx company and completely house-trained" confused or something of that ilk, or trust her to trust us?

She is 26 and a nurse so probably not a shrinking violet?

kenobi Mon 15-Nov-10 16:34:27

Or am I just being completely paranoid?! DH is an utter gentleman but she doesn't know that of course.

hillyhilly Mon 15-Nov-10 16:40:59

I think you might be a little paranoid but it would be only polite to advise her (hate the thought that you have to "warn her") that it will be him that she sees, not you.

JiggeryPoverty Mon 15-Nov-10 16:44:31

You are being paranoid.....unless your dh is an axe murderer? wink

Just say 'can you come over on Wednesday - dh will be around if you need him, he'll be working upstairs in the office/retiling the bathroom/in the dungeon sharpening his axes?'

ie you say to the babysitter, you hang out with dd but help is at hand if needs be, but dh will pretty much leave you to it and not interefere

thisisyesterday Mon 15-Nov-10 16:44:33

i think you are being totally paranoid!

she knows it's a trial, she knows one parent will be there i presume?

ShatnersBassoon Mon 15-Nov-10 16:44:45

Just tell her as a courtesy, rather than as a warning. I would be a bit nervous if someone asked me if I minded being alone with their husband - why mention it if there's nothing to worry about? confused

kenobi Mon 15-Nov-10 16:53:50

I'm over-thinking it, aren't I? If CMs run so scared what about single dads, do they never get babysitters/nannies?!

Thank you, I needed a bit of sensibleness! It's not the Edwardian era after all.

Jiggery: you forgot 'polishing his gimp suit.' grin

- Goes off to compose business-like email without dire warnings of Men In The House –

JiggeryPoverty Mon 15-Nov-10 16:58:38

lol at Gimp suit and the Edwardian era

I'm partial to a bit of early twentieth century bondage meself (but never whilst there is a babysitter in the house)

kenobi Mon 15-Nov-10 18:29:32

Oooh matron!

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