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Have 30 minutes to get an answer/advice

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Saltire Fri 12-Nov-10 09:44:39

As some fo you know I CM for 2 brothers, aged almost 3 (2yr 11 mths) and almost 1.
I ahve them full time
I have been also Cm for a little girl, this is pretty much an adhoc agreement, depending entirely on the girls fathers shift pattern, and if I do have her then it's only ever 07.45 till 11am.

In January, the 3 year old is starting nursery - more about that in a minute - and his mum is tkaing him an hour earlier (8am) and paying for the extra hour as he gets his funded place.

So I am starting with a full time baby then - well I say then actually end feb.
Little girl will be home by time 3 year old gets picked up from nursery

BUT mum told me last night that the nursery have lost their pre school funding (don't know how that works) and so she not going to be sending him as she's "not paying for a place".
Is the nursery likely to ahve it's funding back by january?

I can't obviously have 4 under 5's - 3 of them under 2, can I?
Am a bit stuck actually as how to braoch this, bearing in mind mum of 2 mindees lives in her world where none even her children faeture

RosieGirl Fri 12-Nov-10 09:59:44

It seems like she needs to clarify what is happening to the nursery. Can you explain to her that you have already agreed a new contract with a baby so you will be unable to have her son. Is the nursery still operating? Will she just have to pay them instead of you?

You can try and apply for a variation for 4 under 5. They may allow it if you explain the situation. You have to contact them and they will send a form for you to fill either by E-mail or post, whichever is easy for you.

But do consider 4 under 5 can be hard work, especially with a new baby and full time. I have done it for a while and am really glad when I drop down to less children.

looneytune Fri 12-Nov-10 10:00:08

Very quick reply but I have 4 under 5s every day and when I started with this latest variation, my ds2 was 10 weeks old and the others were 8 months, 17 months and 19 months. They are now a couple of years older.

The only thing I'm not sure about with the variation is that one is new business and not started with you yet. I think you need to speak to Ofsted really.

No idea about the funding BTW

Treeesa Fri 12-Nov-10 10:03:22

I'd call the nursery yourself. You can intimate that your enquiry is for your own 3 year old, ask them about funding and see what they tell you.. Better to get it from the horse's mouth.

Saltire Fri 12-Nov-10 11:55:18

Treesa - they will know it's me. i used to workt ehregrin, plus it's a very very small place I live in and even if they do know it's me, they'll know why I am ringing

cheeseytoastie Fri 12-Nov-10 12:16:33

it's up to the council which private nurseries get funding, so you could try them instead? One of our local ones lost theirs because their application was in too late, got it back this year.

MmeGazelle Fri 12-Nov-10 13:47:33

From what I remember of your prevoius posts about 'those' mindees is that they're causing more trouble than they are worth .... is this not a bit of a lucky break?! Tell Mum that she'll have to find someone else as you've given her space away and then sigh a massive sigh of relief, that's what I'd do as it saves you the hassle of having to terminate the contract anyway.

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