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C.M's your tips on early starts, THANKS

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MUM2BLESS Thu 11-Nov-10 10:18:48

Hi I am a childminder.

Just interested to know if you have any tips for those working before 08.00. Done early starts before.

About to do 07.30 with contract for 3 siblings. What is your routine in your home with your own children and family? Do you get up really early and take your time or are you rushing around?

What activities do you provide for the childminding children who arrive before before 08.00 ie 07.30.

I have four children of my own. Would love to hear if any one is doing early starts with with either 3 or more children of their own (under 18) or with a young baby of their own. Also those doing early starts who have older children etc.

Sorry its so long. Thanks in advance smile

I will have five children on my books (varying times during the week)

StarExpat Thu 11-Nov-10 10:55:53

As a parent, I'd expect the cm was dressed (just because of the stories on here of a cm taking a shower while the dc were downstairs on their own shock ).

But I'd think if the cm had their own kids, that the kids might be just getting up or in middle of breakfast... it wouldn't matter to me, as a parent, at all.

DS goes 7.50am-3.50pm. My cm always has some toys out. I wouldn't expect anything more than just letting him play or relax if he wants to - whatever the family is doing should be fine.

With 3, maybe just put out some toys for them to play with while everyone is getting ready for the day at yours (assuming they are getting ready for school) or have breakfast? Sometimes I pack the rest of DS' breakfast and he eats it there. SHould be easygoing and relaxed

RosieGirl Thu 11-Nov-10 12:11:49

I have 2 arrive at 7am - they have their breakfast with me, 2 arrive at 7.30am, and 2 at 8am - who have already had their breakfast, I also have my own 2. I start school runs at 8.30am (3 different schools/nursery). I have toys out, paper/pens bits at the table, will sometimes get the playdough/play foam out, and then older ones watch the TV for half an hour.

Mad sometimes, but they all enjoy themselves

Sandym3g Thu 11-Nov-10 13:20:20

We have 3 mindees starting at 7.45 even though we are happy starting at 7.30.

They come in and have their breakfast. Afterwards they wash their hands, play or read and the older 2 go to school while the youngests either walks around the estate exploring (he takes the lead.)Or I start to make my way to the stay and play.

If I was on my own it would work differently of course. Other times when the weather is bad we stay home and play.

MUM2BLESS Thu 11-Nov-10 13:58:03


StarExpat its great to hear from a parents point of view, apprciate that so much.

rosiegirl Your home sound very busy but you sound really understanding and chilled. I will only do my nurery, infants, Jnrs and a pre school, would not take on another school not at present.

Sandym3g Thanks for that. You seem really flexible in what you do.

Great stuff

looneytune Thu 11-Nov-10 14:44:49

I think the routine depends on ages etc. I used to start at 6.45am for a baby back in the early days and she needed a bottle, getting dressed etc. and that routine changed as she got older. I now don't start until 7am, some days I have more for breakfast than others but I'll tell you what I do on the 3 days a week when I have 5 children for breakfast (my children aged 2 & 7 and 3 mindees - aged 3, 5 & 6):

My boys get up anytime from 6am - 7am usually but if they were still in bed, I'd leave them there until I needed them up (probably by 7.30am at the latest). I make sure I'm dressed (although when I started at 6.45am, I once opened the door in my dressing gown as missed my alarm blush) and washed. Mindee 1 arrives at 7am and mindees 2 & 3 arrive at 7.15am. eldest gets himself dressed and I dress my toddler (this either happens before they arrive or just as they arrive). All 5 of the children sit down to breakfast around 7.30am (if my boys got up later, they may join them when ready but this is rare). The whole breakfast can take up to 30 mins with the ones I've got so there isn't much time for playing as we have to leave for school at 8.05am (well, it's always been 8.15am but having to change that).

The TV is usually on in the morning (hardly ever put on the rest of the working day) and parents are happy for this as it's still early. I don't get any toys out until I'm back from the school run as the children just help themselves to what they want in the playroom, can do drawing etc. if they want but we have no time for playdoh etc. at this time as mornings are hectic and breakfast takes a big chunk of that time.

I used to start at 7.30am and not have others for breakfast and then I was asked to do mornings for a new mindees starting at 7am every day and although I was going to turn it down as didn't want to start earlier, I'm glad I took it as it's helped us all be ready on time without so much as a rush so it's actually done me a favour and I get time for a cup of tea etc. as well

Oh, the children who come at 8am have already had breakfast and I probably now (knowing how long some take!) wouldn't take any children for breakfast after 7.30am, as we'd risk being late for school (but this is fine for me as after 7.15am, the next arrivals aren't until 8am)


p.s. I know my grammar is rubbish but that's because I was rushing that post as it's now time to get mindee up then go on the school run! wink

MUM2BLESS Thu 11-Nov-10 18:40:46

Thanks everyone.

Wow morning time must be busy for some of you lovely people.

Does early starts mean earlier to bed for everyone. Or do you have late nights.

Sorry not being nosey just wondering.

Sandym3g Thu 11-Nov-10 20:54:39

We always aim to be flexable. The way we see things that if something isn't working or we can see a way to improve things we do. I suppose thats the beauty of being self employed. You can work how you want (ok still need to do the things that ofsted want) as long as you keep a lose routine.

I suppose sleep paterns vary from person to person. I need to be in bed by 10.30 (although sometimes I'm up later than I should be personally) to be able to cope with the day but DH can be up later and still be fine during the day.

looneytune Fri 12-Nov-10 07:30:05

I'm not the best person to ask about sleep tbh as I often fall asleep on the sofa and wake up at 3ish Last night I did get to bed about 12 though so that was good! lol I'm working on getting to bed by 11pm, that would be a good time to go I think.

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