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CM's what do I need to consider regarding clubs?

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MUM2BLESS Sun 07-Nov-10 11:03:12


What should I consider about taking/and or picking up from clubs that take place after school, also evening clubs such as brigade?

Doing one (pick up after school from club at school) at present and its made things kinna busy. What tips have you got? I do not want to offer to take kids to anymore until I give it some thought.

This means taking all the other childmiding children with me to picks etc. Walking at present.


looneytune Sun 07-Nov-10 11:53:49

As a rule I don't pick up, I can't even pick up my own ds1 from his Drama club once a week as it finishes at 4.30pm and that's when I need to start cooking dinner (luckily because dh is out of work and around, he's doing this and it only runs until the end of this year so is ok). My own ds isn't allowed to do the Basketball club he wants to do at the local leisure centre because of this!

This is in my handbook:

I cannot usually pick up from after school clubs, as this would involve either waiting around with the younger children in the car or doing 2 trips which would still mean a long time in the car, which is not acceptable. IF your child is going to clubs, please discuss this with me. If only a short stay at school is needed, I may be able to accommodate collection, however, you may need to make alternative arrangements.

MUM2BLESS Sun 07-Nov-10 19:20:17

Thanks thats interesting.

My daughter does an afternoon club on Tues I either pick up and bring all the other minded kids or my eldest does the pickup.

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