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Childminders-help with potty training policy please.

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joanna4 Fri 16-Sep-05 10:43:58

I am reveiwing all my policies-so much for a day off. Can anyone help me with potty training policy i have never needed one before but I want it in place before my new starter comes.

katymac Fri 16-Sep-05 13:11:49

I don't have a poicy for this - sorry

ThePrisoner Fri 16-Sep-05 19:19:33

I don't have and don't intend to have a potty training policy. It's something I always tend to discuss with parents as and when the situation arises, and it's always been a mutual decision.

karen23 Fri 16-Sep-05 19:43:15

I don't have a policy on this either I didn't even think about it when writing them. One of my mindees is starting potty training in October and I'm just going to talk it over with the parents. Sorry it's not much help

ayla99 Fri 16-Sep-05 21:15:56

I don't have a policy on potty training but what I've seen is to include importance of communication between parent & childminder, not starting when there are any major changes in child's life. Starting at home. Bringing lots of changes of clothes & continuing to provide nappies (for nap times or outings) until parent & childminder are BOTH in agreement that they are no longer needed. Reminder that child should wear clothes that are easy for them to remove themselves if they are in a rush - no tights or dungarees etc.

"Your child must be showing signs of readiness, this will help to ensure the training process goes quickly and smoothly. It
Is a good idea not to set deadlines—some children need much longer than others to learn these skills.

Can recognise that they need to use the toilet/potty.
Can leave their current activity in order to use the toilet/potty.
Can understand the link between the toilet/potty and being dry.
Can understand and use vocabulary (or sign language) relating to using the toilet.
Is keen to do things “by themselves”.
Can communicate their need to use the toilet.
Can control their bowel/bladder for a few minutes beyond that communication.
Can remove their clothing with little or no assistance.


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