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Nanny employers doing own payroll, what payroll software do you use?

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fruitcorner Thu 21-Oct-10 14:19:11

I employ a nanny and I do her payroll myself rather than through nannytax etc. I am finding it a bit time consuming though and would like to buy a software package to help- can anyone recommend one?

cymrumam Thu 21-Oct-10 14:55:21

I just use the hrmc software and find it takes no time at all. I put in the gross and it works it all out for me and I print out a payslip from it as well.

lobsters Thu 21-Oct-10 16:54:13

We (well DH) uses the HMRC software as well, he says its really good

mranchovy Sat 23-Oct-10 00:53:42

I am planning to post a detailed comparison of payroll software at some time in the future - in the meantime, 3 links to look at:

12pay - free version available, but it is a bit limited. The paid for version is not as good as...

Moneysoft - £55 a year plus VAT, professional quality software used by many accounting practices to run their payroll service

MyPAYE - £1 a month for this online service that is IMHO better than 12pay, cheaper than Moneysoft and has all the advantages of an online service.

LolKay Wed 19-Jan-11 11:54:29

You can get free payroll software and in my experience it is definfitely advisable to get some sort of package whether it's installed on your computer or something like MyPaye which (I believe) is online. Reason being it keeps you up to date with new/current laws and regulations.
Free and rather good software can be had on a trial basis which might give you a better idea on which type to go for. Here is one example which I found handy: <a href=" ee_trial.aspx">Payroll Software</a>

LolKay Wed 19-Jan-11 11:56:32

Whoops - sorry here is the link

Payroll Software

davasilva Wed 09-May-12 14:29:20

I had the same problem doing the payroll of my nanny, it was just consuming me loads of time. For a while I was using some templates that I downloaded from the Internet but they were not very handy cause they were so manual.
I tried a couple of free payroll software like 12pay, it has the advantage that is free but I didn't like it that much.
I am trying currently a payroll package called brightpay, which Its also free. I am still not sure that I've found the right solution. brightpay payroll software

maples Wed 09-May-12 14:31:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Karoleann Wed 09-May-12 20:35:35

I use this one

It's very easy and you can send forms to hmrc from the site, it's not the cheapest (but it's much cheaper and less irritating than nanny tax).

MrAnchovy Wed 09-May-12 21:44:12

Brightpay is currently the best free payroll software IMHO.

MrAnchovy Wed 09-May-12 21:56:09

... Note that this is an old thread and brightpay was not around when I made my previous recommendations. Now I would say that unless you want the advantages of Software as a Service (in which case MyPAYE is still the best value IMHO), Brightpay knocks everything else on the market at any price into a cocked hat, so as it is free for up to 3 employees it is a no-brainier.

Dionna1 Wed 13-Nov-13 21:38:03

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Stocking34 Wed 20-Nov-13 18:55:03

I use QuickBooks payroll software, make sure QuickBooks has many payroll software if you search on Amazon website, the cost would be from $100 to $300, you can buy one according to your requirements. If you have few employees in your company then you can buy a software that is helpful to your purpose, if you have to maintain your account at larger level then of course you have to buy the payroll software accordingly that meets the needs.. reading reviews like would help a lot.

mary925 Tue 29-Jul-14 15:57:04

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KarenBrightPay Mon 19-Jan-15 17:31:50

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