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I am confused. . . . childminder and cv

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boppetybop Thu 30-Sep-10 11:18:46

Hi all,

I have seen a few ads where parents are asking childminders to forward a cv. I wasn't aware that we needed one.

nannynick Thu 30-Sep-10 11:45:18

Maybe the parents are confused.
Are you sure they are wanting a childminder, or someone to come to their home?

looneytune Thu 30-Sep-10 11:49:41

Never heard of that one in over 5 years of minding hmm. I do have a page on my website with list of courses attended and I do have another page with details of my experience (i.e. age ranges, how many etc). The course certificates are shown (in my handbook) when a parent visits but I'd not put a CV together for a parent. I'm a SERVICE PROVIDER, not a potential employee! Are you sure they were talking about childminders?

boppetybop Thu 30-Sep-10 11:54:42

yes it said on the ad, Childminder needed for 9 month old etc then at the bottom it said if you are interested please email me your cv and I will get in touch, ive seen about 5 ads in the last 2 months like that.

looneytune Thu 30-Sep-10 12:03:40

Well they are choosing the wrong words imo as that definitely sounds more like a nanny sort of ad.

new2cm Thu 30-Sep-10 12:17:55

As looneytune says, we are a service provider, not a potential employee.

Also, I have just finished reading the Who Minds? Magazine and there's a resolution (p24) which mentions the fraudulent use of childminder's name, address and registration number.

Personally, I would be very wary of e-mailing such details to an anonymous person, who could be anyone. It is incredibly easy to set up an e-mail account with false info.

Going off in a tangent here, but I remember uploading a CV back in 2001 to a supposingly secure on-line job search company. Around 2005, that company then sold the database onto another company and before I knew it, I was getting spam from all over South America and Africa. I actually ended up having to change e-mail address and ultimately internet providers.

If you feel really tempted to reply to those ads, I would e-mail a link to your website, with a sentence saying that if they are still interested in your childminding SERVICES, to contact you as per instructions on the website.

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