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Is £500 per week net really the going rate for a London nanny?

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Gangle Sun 26-Sep-10 05:13:14

Have been told this many times by nannies and agencies but, having looked through the ads on Gumtree and Nannyjob, it seems that lots of employers offer salaries of a lot less than this. We may be hiring a new nanny in the near future and it would help a lot financially if I could get her to agree to a salary of £375 net per week for a 4 day week or £475 for a 5 day week, or even less £350/£450) if possible. Will she think I am taking the piss though? Still works out to a salary of around 33/34k, I believe. I want to pay her as much as I can but paying £500 a week is going to make things tight financially. We paid our previous nanny £500 per week but this was a nanny share in which each family paid £250 so it wasn't so much of a big deal

firesideskirt Wed 17-Jul-13 23:04:39

The London living wage is £8.55 gross, not net.

FrontLoader Thu 18-Jul-13 17:30:06

We're in London, Zone 2, have an Ofsted registered, experienced, graduate nanny and pay £400 per week net for 40 hours. So, £10 per hour net. She was one of the cheaper nannies we interviewed in our area. We have a baby and a preschooler.

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