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new childminder needs ideas

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s13 Mon 05-Sep-05 23:23:16

i have some money left over from my grant to buy mukticultural or equal opp toys, but having trouble finding some.

s13 Mon 05-Sep-05 23:23:42

sorry multicultural

Tan1959 Mon 05-Sep-05 23:44:34

Try; they quite a good range....

ThePrisoner Tue 06-Sep-05 00:13:17

Mini IQ (fellow minder had a partyplan thingy), not sure how you get hold of them - someone will be able to tell you soon!)- got some brilliant fun books on basic signing, including board books; lift-the-flap books on different beliefs and people.

Lots of books from Amazon (Boots for a Bridesmaid, Don't Call Me Special, Rainbow Joe and Me, Mama Zoom etc).

Have got proper Makaton sign manual (needed for signing child I mind with DS) - all the children love looking at it.

I bought the Happy Street hospital purely because it had a child in a wheelchair and a pregnant lady in it (didn't think the hospital worth the money!)

Don't ELC do "ethnic" family for their doll's house?

I think you can buy "play" wheelchairs and dolls (nurseries have them?) but I won't on principle because a wheelchair-using friend of mine thinks it's appalling that her lifeline to the outside world should be thought of as a toy. There's a new thread to start ... can't wait for my discussion with inspector at my next OFSTED visit!

A lot of my stuff has been picked up in craft fairs, little shops tucked away in backstreets, and catalogues usually designated for nurseries (eg. multi-cultural cooking equipment)

goosey Tue 06-Sep-05 07:42:05

festival shop


positive identity

All these companies sell an interesting range of multicultural play resources.

s13 Wed 07-Sep-05 14:24:56

thanks guys, i got some stuff from elc and these websites,

Flossi Thu 02-Oct-08 13:11:20 is fab for all things multicultural, A lot cheaper that galt !

Flossi Thu 02-Oct-08 13:12:41

try this link you also get free posters BSL, eight of them to print off. I am a childminder too!

Newislingtonworkingmum Fri 03-Oct-08 13:29:58

I am looking for a childminder for 3kids, 1 6year old, 1 3 year old on waiting list for full time preschool, and an 11month old. To start 20th October!!! N1 area. Pick up from New North Community school. CAN YOU OR ANY OTHER CHILDMINDER ON HERE HELP?


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