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Salary advice please!

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Tinasan Thu 26-Aug-10 11:11:50

I'm looking for a nanny to part time (only about 10 hours in total per week), for a toddler and (occasionally) 4 year old. I've just spoken to someone on the phone who sounds great and she's coming round tonight for a chat. But I've never had a nanny before and don't know how much she'll be expecting per hour, could anyone give me an idea? I'm in SW London. I know a friend pays £7 per hour for her (unqualified) carer but that seems low to me? If anyone could give me an idea that would be great, I don't want to offend her tonight!

CaptainSquidBones Thu 26-Aug-10 21:47:37

I am also in SW london looking for a part-time Nanny - I was told £9/hour net as a minimum which amy make it undoable for us.

nannynick Thu 26-Aug-10 22:10:46

I don't know London wages - so I'd suggest you look at various job sites to see what sort of salaries are being offered.

Outside of London, an unqualified nanny may be on £6 gross... with qualified positions being from £7 gross. Experienced qualified nannies getting around £10 gross.
Expect London could easily add 20% to that.

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 26-Aug-10 23:48:03

problem with part time hours is that the nanny needs to be bale to arange another job around them

also then could cause extra tax payments for you, as their 2nd job

are the 10hrs on one day or spread out over several

Tinasan Fri 27-Aug-10 12:05:08

Thanks a lot everyone. The part-time hours are on 2 days -the nanny I met yesterday has kids of her own and only wants to do part-time so hopefully this seems to suit us both. CaptainSquidBones, I'm going to be paying £11/hour net. Hope you find somebody!

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