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Looking for a male nanny - North West

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Rockmaiden Fri 20-Aug-10 18:30:58

I am looking for a male nanny to work live in or out in the North West area.

As we are a lesbian couple with 2 boys and no male figures in their life it is really important to us that the nanny is male as we want them to see a male role model.

We have a total of 3 children. 8 year old daughter, 6 year old son and 3 year old son.

6 year old son has special needs which can be discussed.

It is a full time position and 4 long days. Two older children at school at yougest at nursery.

We have pets so nanny must be happy with these also, they are:

2 very large dogs
4 cats
3 gerbils
1 hamster

Rates of pay to be discussed but reasonable and competitive for the right person.

If any other mumsnetters can send me in the right direction to find what we are looking for I would really appreciate it!

All the male nanny agencies I find only cover London

Rockmaiden Fri 20-Aug-10 18:31:46

Forgot to say sorry.

Driver not essential, non smoker a MUST!

No cleaning / cooking to be done so childcare duties only.

nannynick Fri 20-Aug-10 18:50:24

It isn't legal to advertise for someone of a specific gender. I usually say that to people who specifically want a female nanny, so makes quite a change to mention it to someone wanting a male nanny smile Mind you, not sure if anyone would actually make a complaint - though you may find that some publications won't accept a job advert worded such that it was gender specific.

However that's just the advertising side, as it's a job in a private home you can select someone for any reason you like.

Finding a male nanny will quite frankly be quite hard. There are not that many of us around.

I would suggest you post an advert on local job boards, online nanny recruitment websites (like NannyJob, and general classified boards (such as Gumtree). Also may be worth contacting local agencies to ask if they have any male nannies on their books... never know they might.

Suggestion: Specify a salary... it avoids wasting a lot of time, both the applicants and yours.

No cooking - won't the nanny or children get to eat?

Tarlia Sat 21-Aug-10 08:45:02

Try these..

Good luck! :-)

Rockmaiden Sat 21-Aug-10 21:41:27

Thanks Nick that's great!

I didn't even realise you couldn't specify a sex sorry, suppose it's normally the other way around. Why arn't more men in childcare it would be much easier

Do you think i'm being a bit daft insisting on a male, should I just go for any nanny. I do really worry about my children having no male role models.

Both grandfathers have passed away, I only have sisters (all un-married) and partner is an only child so there is litterally NO male they are in contact with.

No cooking as I will be doing it all, I work from home (although a seperate office once nanny is here) and have been juggling housework, childcare and my job for the last few years but it's no longer managable so need the help.

However I will be preparing all meals during the day and eating with nanny and the children. They are of course more than welcome to eat with us or help themselves if they so choose but they don't have to cook unless they specifically prefer to.

Hope that makes more sense.

In terms of pay I am happy with 350-400 pounds weekly but like I said will consider more for the right person.

Tarlia - Thanks for your help but they all seem to be based in London, will contact them anyway and ask.

manyhands Mon 23-Aug-10 13:58:03

Bit of a long short but why not try the TES for an unemployed early years teacher.

Have you tried the agency they cover nationwide so may have access to more male nannies than an agency based in one area.

Keep an eye yourself on gumtree, netmums,, for the right person.

Salary of £350-£400 sounds a fair salary for area and 4 long days (assuming these are 12hr days - a 10hr day is normal for a nanny).

what will nanny do whilst children are at school and nusery? perhaps you may like them to do some cooking, some of the childrens washing/ironing/sorting bedrooms to ease your load a little and so the nanny doesnt get bored!! - these are not unreasonable nanny duties.

good luck in your search.

AxisofEvil Mon 23-Aug-10 15:53:43

Don't specify gender as a requirement but you could say something like "we would actively welcome applications from men".

Achigosia Mon 22-Oct-12 09:42:41

Hell ,
I am Kelvin and was highly elated to realise i could apply for a manny job. I like to carre for people and has that sense of humour . I will be very happy if i am considered to work with any loving family. please contact me if you want to know more about me.

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