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lookin for nanny/mother's help... surrey

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tamilucker Fri 20-Aug-10 13:48:31

i'm looking for a fun and responsible person to help me with my 6 month twins. i'm a writer who works from home but nips into london and am about and about a lot.

hoping for about 20 hours a week (or maybe more) helping with general care of the babies, cooking healthy, organic food for them, doing laundry and maintaining the nursery.

i'm lighthearted and since we'll be spending a lot of time together, hope that you will be the same.

please love children and have a clean driving license.

i live in weybridge by the way!

shreddiey Sun 22-Aug-10 12:19:44

Hi Tami try googling Deearnas

sailorsgal Sun 22-Aug-10 18:06:17

If you want to go down the agency route try Hatties nannies. It is in Godalming. Or try Lucy at harmony at home. She used to be a Norland nanny and is based in Guildford.

Good luck.

shreddiey Tue 24-Aug-10 10:46:08

We just managed to get a super mature mums help from Deearna

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