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plug socket covers?

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aceandskill Sat 14-Aug-10 17:25:08

Hi there, I know Rospa doesn't advise plug socket covers but does anyone know if ofsted will mark you down for not having them? Anyone had an experience with inspectors to do with this?

looneytune Sat 14-Aug-10 18:04:48

They can't mark you down if you throw the evidence in their face. I plan to just print stuff out to shove in the inspector's face is they have a problem! grin (but that's me who's used to complaining to Ofsted and winning LOL)

aceandskill Sat 14-Aug-10 19:05:01

I got told that some inspectors won't even mention sockets as they know that they have an in-built safety device which socket covers can actually make unsafe, whereas others see sockets as a serious hazard.... maybe i should keep a load in a drawer and stick them in before the inspection just in case?

looneytune Sat 14-Aug-10 19:20:38

You do what you feel right, it's only my own fights against Ofsted which has given me the confidence to challenge anything they may say and in this case, I'd leave it how I want and then give the reasons after, if they comment. And if they dare to downgrade me for it, then I'd simply appeal and go through all channels until they altered that part of my report!! But I do understand as I did used to be scared of Ofsted like many are wink

aceandskill Sat 14-Aug-10 20:16:26

Wow you are brave! I feel as if I should stop being such a weasel and stick to my guns (looks nervous)....

MUM2BLESS Sat 14-Aug-10 20:19:41

All new info to me. Whats wrong with plug socket covers?

mranchovy Sat 14-Aug-10 21:27:01

MUM2BLESS Sat 14-Aug-10 22:51:51

Hi mranchovy thanks for that.

HSMM Sat 14-Aug-10 23:23:43

In my experience, as long as you can explain your reasons to ofsted, you're ok. For example : Why don't you have a stair gate at the bottom of your stairs? Because I teach the children not to climb the stairs.

Danthe4th Sun 15-Aug-10 00:58:13

I haven't used socket covers since I saw the electricians campaign on you tube against them. I have written it up in my risk assessment and don't care if ofsted want to argue with me.

thebody Sun 15-Aug-10 10:55:21

children just prize them out anyway, total waste of time and you should teach children to NOT TOUCH anyway, that goes for vases,ornaments e.t.c..

Gluggy Tue 17-Aug-10 21:52:23

Completely against socket covers - I have included the "fatally flawed"info in my policies for anyone including Ofsted to see and at my last inspection i was graded Outstanding with all that in place. If you haven't viewed the fatally flawed info i would ugre you to do it as soon as possible.

looneytune Wed 18-Aug-10 09:13:43

Link here for those who want to add to policies etc.

FatallyFlawed Tue 05-Jul-16 15:09:15

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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