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au pairs and toilet paper!

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whizzylala Mon 02-Aug-10 09:11:58

Not a problem per se just astounded that my au pair as got through 6 rolls of toilet paper by herself in 2 weeks!! I have had this with two other au pairs and wondered what it is that they do so differently? The four of us have not used anywhere near this amount between us in the same time frame! I know it is a bit of a daft one but honeslty 6 rolls of the stuff..... anyone else noticed this?
She's great though so I am prepared to overlook it!

CupcakesHay Mon 02-Aug-10 09:29:59

Maybe she's putting it on the toilet seat??? Or has a stuffy nose? Or is secretly snuggling up to a "man" made of toilet paper at night...?

poppincandy Mon 02-Aug-10 10:37:24

I don't know the answer, but I had an aupair once, and again use of toilet paper was extravagent, so will be watching with interest.

IMoveTheStars Mon 02-Aug-10 10:42:11

I reckon she's putting it on the toilet seat.

AllSheepareWhite Mon 02-Aug-10 10:48:02

Where is she from, in some countries they do not flush toilet roll down the toilet so they wrap up their waste and put it in the bin.

Metrobaby Mon 02-Aug-10 10:48:44

where is your AP from?

poppincandy Mon 02-Aug-10 10:56:35

My one was from France.

lifeinagoldfishbowl Mon 02-Aug-10 12:14:13

God I hope my mb doesn't begrudge me the toilet roll - although 6 rolls is a little excessive - maybe she had friends over? maybe she had a stomach bug?

buy cheaper loo roll and see if she uses so much

my mum used to buy cheaper loo roll as with 8 children we went through more of the nice luxury stuff than we ever did the cheapy stuff (i dont mean value loo roll just buy cheap whatever on offer rather than quilted)

if you need a good deal at the moment co-op have noveulle 9pack £4.99 bogof.

PixieOnaLeaf Mon 02-Aug-10 12:25:54

Message withdrawn

whizzylala Mon 02-Aug-10 12:39:20

She is German - they have all been German in fact, the italian was more sparing with hers. I really don't begrudge it I am just interested! She has not had a cold, or a stomach bug, she has not had any friends over and it is her own loo mostly. I wonder if she does put it on the loo first - she was very cagey when when DS put some food near his lips that belonged to her and wouldn't touch it after so perhaps that is it. Amazing about the cultural things you discover having an au pair hey!

MuffinToptheMule Mon 02-Aug-10 14:49:26

When I was an AP the dad of the family made a comment about how much toilet roll I used. I still don't think I use more than the next person.

Strix Mon 02-Aug-10 15:32:42

Maybe your children are stealing the au pair's loo roll when you aren't looking.

Am now worrying about my own loo roll as I have just offered our au pair job to a German. hmm

HarrietTheSpy Mon 02-Aug-10 16:13:51

Ours was very light handed with the loo roll!

onepieceoflollipop Mon 02-Aug-10 16:18:15

I had an Austrian (male) student lodger once. He used significant amounts of loo roll, so much so that he actually blocked the drain and my boyfriend at the time had to get the drain rods out. (2 rolls in one day! shock) I didn't enquire further but assumed he had bowel issues.

Anyway, on one terrible occasion he opened the (downstairs) bathroom door whilst sitting on the loo and told me that further supplies were needed. I averted my eyes and said very clearly and firmly that there were several rolls on the shelf above him. He wanted to argue the point but I said again clearly and firmly that he would have to sort himself out; I had no intention of coming in!

sunnydelight Tue 03-Aug-10 09:05:23

Maybe she's using it instead of tissues to take off make up, blow her nose etc.?

DreamTeamGirl Tue 03-Aug-10 09:52:47

Maybe get her a box of tissues and some cotton wool/ make up removing wipes and see if it decreases?

Al1son Tue 03-Aug-10 10:00:56

Do German houses usually have bidets? If so maybe she's missing hers and trying to make up for it in alternative ways? We think cultural differences are less stark between us and our nearer neighbours but perhaps they're not.

mustrunmore Tue 03-Aug-10 10:06:26

We used to have a lodger, she got through tons of loo roll, absolutely tons. In retrospect, I think she was bulimic and stuffing loads down the loo to hide the splashing noise when she threw up.

SloanyPony Tue 03-Aug-10 22:12:58

A similar possibility that Mustrunmore's has reminded me of, is that she might line the loo with it when she does a number two because she is bashful about someone overhearing*dropping her friends off at the pool*...

Al1son Tue 03-Aug-10 22:56:06

Well if toilets on Germany have the same design as those in Holland there's a little shelf for one's "friends" to land on and the flush washes them off into the water. That could explain it completely - perhaps she's trying to deaden the noise and reduce the splashback shock

katiepotatie Tue 03-Aug-10 23:05:31

MIL's language students, steal it to take to school with them

laquitar Wed 04-Aug-10 09:45:57

She is probably put it on the seat for hygenic reasons. Simple. Not big deal.

stomp Wed 04-Aug-10 19:50:23

I suggest you issue diagrams when a new au pairs starts on how to use both sides of a sheet & fold it to get a third side too grin

2anddone Wed 04-Aug-10 20:28:42

When I was an aupair I used lots of toilet roll (and am from England) to use as tissue paper to pad out things or even wrap things I was posting home for peoples birthdays etc, the money was so crap that you had to improvise!!

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