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Nanny agencies serving Twickenham area

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deepa1 Mon 26-Jul-10 20:28:55

Anyone know any good nanny agencies for the Twickenham/Richmond area? I need to find someone for a few days a week from September but would prefer recommendations rather than 'google' and start from scratch.

Any info would be appreciated.

Veronikaash Mon 26-Jul-10 20:41:12

Message withdrawn

Strix Mon 26-Jul-10 21:49:59

How old are the children? My kids go to one of the Twick primaries, and I think if you want live-out for a few days a week, the school gate is the place to look.

Do you want three full days? IS there a school run?

K75 Tue 27-Jul-10 13:14:09

My area - would recommend you try all the online methods first personally. Premier is decent if not and has semi reasonable fees.

mummyquilliam Tue 27-Jul-10 19:36:24

apple jack nannies is good

deepa1 Fri 30-Jul-10 11:40:50

My son's only 18months old so no school run. He's in nursery which he loves but I'm returning to teaching so need to be at work 8ish which is when the nursery opens.

Need someone to come home and look after all his needs in the day.

Thanks for the recommendations, I'll try them.

Strix Fri 30-Jul-10 13:47:38

You could also try a childminder, who might be more flexible with opening hours. A live out nanny hired through an agency is about the most expensive childcare there is for one child. If money is no object, then they have their advantages (like doing the laundry and bulk cooking/freezing). But, if money is an issue, I would suggest finding a flexible childminder. And, as you are a teacher, you might even find a childminder who would be willing to do term time only so you don't have to pay for the days you don't need.

Jane054848 Mon 02-Aug-10 16:34:58

I have a really fantastic nanny based in St Margarets, but am about to go on mat leave so don't need childcare from September. I don't know if she'd be prepared to do 3 days a week (she'd like to work full time, but might be prepared to find a different two days). I've posted about her on the Richmond local site. Could you read about her and if you're interested, post a message for me there and I'll find out if three days works for her?

deepa1 Thu 05-Aug-10 18:59:24

thanks Jane and yes I would be interested in finding out more about her. Trouble is I'm being a bit 'challenged' at finding the info!

Jane054848 Fri 06-Aug-10 12:38:50

Hello! I think I have now set up that CAT thingy where you can contact me on my own email address. I'll cut and paste the info I put on the local site below, as well.

Jane054848 Fri 06-Aug-10 12:40:34

Here we go...

Our really fantastic and lovely nanny needs new work from September.

I am about to go on mat leave, and the other family she works for won't need her from Sept as their younger child will be in school full time.

She has brought up the 4 and 5 year old of the other family since they were babies, and looked after our 2 year old for the last year and a bit.

She isn't OFSTED registered but has child health care qualifications and is also a qualified child swimming instructor.

She is totally reliable - she's never been even a couple of minutes late for us, and has never cancelled.

She's really creative and we often come home to a lovely picture or a cake our son has helped to bake.

Our little boy adores her and is excited every time he knows he's about to see her.

She's based in St Margarets so could work in the surrounding area - Twickenham, Richmond, Kingston, etc.

deepa1 Mon 23-Aug-10 15:38:04

Hi Jane,

Thanks for that and sorry for not responding sooner, we were on holiday. It would be good to know if she was interested in 3 days a week to start and if so then maybe we can meet and take it from there?

I'm in St Margaret's too so her knowing the area would be ideal as well of course as the more important things!

JonTheManny Sun 23-Sep-12 16:12:50

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