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twin mum hoping to be childminding ..has some ques?

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twinmummy04 Sun 21-Aug-05 12:34:57

Hi all, just found this site thismorning, thinking about becoming a childminder so it's been very informative.

I have a question for the mums really, I have twins of a yr old, and now they are 1 I'm hoping to becme a childminder.
My worry is that because I have twins that it might count against me when adverting myself, I know that I can childmind one child and that comes with-in the regs but I wondered if it might put some mums off?

I was an NNEB nanny for 9+ yrs before I fell pg with the twins and my employers at the time assumed I would come back with the babies when they were 6wks and I was very suprised and pleased that she didn't want me to go but I did leave because I didn't know how I would feel after the birth and I didn't want them to be left high and dry if i didn't come back, and more improtantly I needed to know that their child had a loving caring nanny to replace me.

So now I have no job and money is tight I need to think of something to do and as I love my job as a nanny childminding seems the best option.

How easy would be for me to fill the vacancy with having my twins do people think?

Also I have a Lab, would that put people off?
Also what do other childminders do with their pets when children are around?

Hope someone can help

many many thanks


hercules Sun 21-Aug-05 14:17:00

Hi and welcome to mumsnet

Tbh I wouldnt chose you as a childminder because of young twins as well as the dog. That's me though and I'm sure others will not see it as a problem.

FeelingOld Sun 21-Aug-05 14:35:42

I am a childminder but my 2 children are 5 and 10 so at school all day, but some childminders I know do have young children and are quite busy.I think if you were to limit your numbers (say to one toddler and 1 or 2 after schoolers) rather than fill all spaces ofsted would allow you to have, parents might see this as ok cos you have the advantage of being nneb qualified, but I think if you are aiming to fill your house with mindees you might have a problem.
With regards to the dog, most childminders I know with dogs have a separately fenced off area in their garden for the dog so that children do not come into contact with any dog poo or urine and either keep them in utility or garage if weather not suitable to have them outside and only let them in the house for a short period of time just so that mindees get used to handling pets (some parents may not want any contact with dog though). I think as long as you state in your portfolio what you will be doing with the dog when mindees are in the house/garden and stick to it, it should not be a problem cos don't forget some of the children have dogs at home too. You should be aware though that it might put off a few parents altogether whatever your policy.
Hope this helps and good luck making your mind up.

goldenoldie Sun 21-Aug-05 14:52:33

Sorry - I would not choose a childminder with a dog. Would not be keen on childminder with two very small children either. Would be very difficult for trips out of the house - triple buggy? Three car seats?

HappyMumof2 Sun 21-Aug-05 16:49:32

Message withdrawn

twinmummy04 Sun 21-Aug-05 18:23:17

Thanks for all your message, no not exactly what I wanted to hear but I'd rather you be honest me.

I am only thinking of childminding one child and for them to be over 2, so not a houseful or anything.

Our dog does live in the utility with a stair gate across and has acess to the side of our house through the back door, and most of the time I use the patio doors to go out in the main garden, so if I fenced off the area to the side of the house the child would never even see the dog...would that be o.k would that make mums less worried?

I have looked through the list of childminders in my area (on a site I found while doing a search)and it lists what they provide and cost ect and out of 22 in my area 16 of the childminders have put down they have pets some of these must be dogs so I thought it was quite common..?

Well thanks for all your thoughts I'm sure if I stick to a slighty older child then I might be o.k.

Many thanks twinmum x

ThePrisoner Sun 21-Aug-05 18:47:43

Twinmummy04 - I think I want to be a bit more positive!

Having two children aged one year (your own) and one other child under the age of 5 (someone elses), is no different to me (and many many other minders) except that ALL of the under fives happen to be someone elses, so I don't see why this would be a problem.

Lots of childminders have pets (I'm married to one of mine). If you have a dog, there is no problem - OFSTED will just check that you have safety procedures in place (eg. not allowed to leave children alone with dog). If parents don't like dogs, then they won't choose you! If parents don't like my husband, then they won't choose me either!

Please don't give up your ideas!!

twinmummy04 Sun 21-Aug-05 19:16:02

Hi ThePrisoner,

Thanks for your reply, I was starting to this this was a mad idea, but putting it your way your right I could already be childminding for 2 other children or someones else twins and have 1 vacancie left to fill. Infact someone at my local toddlers group is a childminder and has a child at school and a 2 1/2yr old and has just taken on twins about 2 mths ago (they were 9mths when she started) and I think she picks up 2 other older school children too! now that sounds a lot to me.

I have not probs with looking after a few children I spent 5 yrs looking after a family of 5 children which included 5mth old twins and they had horses and dogs coming out their ears so having just my twins is child's play (excuse the pun), bonus is they sleep 4 hrs a day, well after 2 years training and 9 yrs exp I should have learnt some tricks

Feeling more positive now I can see it all for a different veiw.

twinmummy04 xx

ThePrisoner Sun 21-Aug-05 19:37:20

I've got an inordinate number of children that I look after (all within my registration numbers and not all necessarily at the same time), including babies, toddlers and schoolchildren. If parents want a complete one-to-one, then they are unlikely to choose a childminder. If parents want the advantage of home-based care, with a mixture of ages of children, then hopefully they will.

As an ex-NNEB, you have got recognised childcare qualifications, experience in caring for children of different ages, and now the added experience of having your own children.

As I said, if parents don't like dogs, then they won't choose you! I've had cats, guinea-pigs, rabbits, hamsters etc., and they've all been seen as a positive aspect, encouraging children to care for animals. I have to reassure OFSTED and parents alike that my cats won't ever be allowed access to sleeping babies, for instance.

lunavix Sun 21-Aug-05 19:42:33

twinmummy - I typed a post saying I'm sorry but I wouldn't have put my ds with someone with twins of a year.

However I've thought about it. Ds is 16 months old, plus I mind twins of 2! Not too different hey!

katymac Sun 21-Aug-05 21:38:06

Good Luck Twinmummy - I can't chat now I'm on holiday - but I'll be back in September ( i mind twins and lots of others - no dog tho' just cat, rabbit, guinea pigs, fish & chickens)
See ya

HellyBelly Mon 22-Aug-05 08:32:04

twinmummy - I can't see the problem at all as it would still be within your numbers. Some days I have 3 toddlers so I don't see that as being different to you having 2 of your own and 1 mindee.

As for the dog, as Theprisoner said, parents won't choose you if they have a problem with dogs however this isn't anything to stop you minding as long as you show saftey procedures etc.

I say go for it!

Katymac - you're on hols but can't stay away from mumsnet eh! Hope you're having a good time!

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