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can you use childcare vouchers with a childminder?

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mogwai Fri 19-Aug-05 15:11:11

I was going to put my daughter into a nursery and use the childcare vouchers I can purchase through my job in the NHS. Husband also works for NHS so double whammy

We are now going to use a childminder. Does this mean I can't use the childcare vouchers??

How does this work?

mommie Fri 19-Aug-05 15:23:03

you can use vouchers for your childminder but only if they are registered as a childminder. i think you have to give the details of the childminder to your voucher scheme company (busy bees in my case) and they will send you a voucher each week in the form of a cheque. you then pay the childminder the rest of the money in cash.

LeahE Fri 19-Aug-05 15:58:52

If they are registered with OFSTED, no problem. If not (probably the case) there's a new Childcare Approval Scheme -- details at -- and once they are approved under that, also no problem (there may be some date cutoff for each financial year or something, not sure about that).

jothorpe Fri 19-Aug-05 18:10:17

You can use the Childcare Vouchers with numerous providers.

Nurseries, Childminders, even Babysitters and Nannies - Your childcare vouchers are valid for childcare 24hours per day. It's usually better not to split them between providers, but if your shifts are such that you need childcare outside of regular nursery/childminder hours, then you could use some vouchers to pay for an Approved Childcarer (Babysitter/nanny). Some voucher companies also provide E-vouchers now, which can be easier for IT literate providers to cash.

You will need to supply some details to your employer about the childcare provider(s)- or company who's administering the vouchers, and also provide some details about the particular voucher scheme you are on to the childcare provider - so they are able to register with the scheme and cash the vouchers. (Trying to prevent fraud by not going into details here.)

Best thing to do is when looking around at childcare providers, ask them if they accept Childcare Vouchers.

katymac Fri 19-Aug-05 18:12:58

I'm not registered for any vouchers, but if i was asked I would register straight away.

I think it's a great idea

alison222 Fri 19-Aug-05 18:16:04

I am not currently registered but I have been asked and once the parent can sort it out with work I will register no problem. Its no real extra work for me and saves the parents money so why not?

HellyBelly Fri 19-Aug-05 18:56:55

I was asked if I'd accept busy bees vouchers and it was really easy to set up - sure they all are.

mogwai Fri 19-Aug-05 20:53:55

thanks ladies, great responses as ever

henshake Fri 19-Aug-05 21:30:04

Speaking of childcare vouchers, does any one know if they will affect the amount of Child Tax Credit you receive?

I'm thinking of getting them from my work place, I rang the Tax Credit office up and the chap I spoke with said yes. A friend of mine who is also from where I work rang separately and was advised there would be no changes to her credits?

Any one else followed this up with the tax credit agency?

ayla99 Fri 19-Aug-05 22:53:25

As I understand it, the payment you make to the childcarer in vouchers has already been given a tax allowance so you can't claim it twice.

However, if you pay the childcarer in cash in addition to the childcare vouchers then this would be counted in the childcare tax credit calculation so you may still qualify for credits.

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