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Playgroup or School Nursery? Help!

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outofideasforname Mon 14-Oct-19 11:05:25

I recently switched my 3.5 year old daughter from her nice, warm playgroup to the school nursery. It was a bit of a shock! The ratio is much worse, and it just seemed so much less attentive than the playgroup, more school-like. That said, it is mostly free play, I think, but with circle time, etc.

The only reason I moved her was because the older kids in the playgroup generally go on to nursery. She has a speech delay (she is catching up, but is probably 3-6 months behind.) Her speech therapist thought she should be with older kids. But because she is quiet and well-behaved, I sense that she will get no individual attention from teachers at all -- though she had so much at the playgroup.

Now I'm wondering whether I should switch her back to the friendly playgroup -- but she would be the oldest there by a few months. That might boost her confidence, or it might mean that she is away from the older kids who might spur her on. (That said, she tends to follow rather than lead with them, I think.) It doesn't make much of a difference hours-wise to us, or cost -- it's just a matter of the right setting. If I'm going to switch, I really have to do it now.

Any thoughts on this?

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 18-Oct-19 08:56:40

I would stick to nursery. Being around d older child we who talk will help

Plus it’s only for 9mths then holidays then Will start school

Pilot12 Fri 18-Oct-19 09:08:45

My son is the same age and has the same speech problem and his speech has come on leaps and bounds since being in the nursery. He's also more confident and more willing to try new things. He loves going there too, he cried when I told him it's half term and he can't go this week 😂

insancerre Sun 20-Oct-19 15:27:15

I would stick with the nursery
The staff are likely to be better qualified and have better access to support, training and resources and be more proactive with speech and language delays

jannier Mon 21-Oct-19 10:30:16

Why do you think this? I've had children leave me with EHCPs I've referred to chams, I'm Portage trained with ELKAN and ECAT speech training, I sign and use pecs I'm also a Senco. I'm a childminder,
A child left me for early school nursery I was in the middle of pulling together referals. They took it no further. 18 months later they move to reception and 6 weeks in parent has been called in they suspect ASD and dyspraxia and are starting a referral. Such a shame they ignored me. As the wait is 6 months so a year has been wasted.

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