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Glassishalffull Tue 24-Sep-19 00:20:05

Hello, has anyone here used Bubble babysitting app or Or other similar online companies? How reliable and safe are they? I am a single mom to a 5 year old and I struggle with childcare as we don't have family nearby. Is it worth using these companies as, I understand there are some other expenses involved eg. Booking fee? Would love to hear some thoughts and opinions, Thanks smile

nannynick Wed 25-Sep-19 05:54:55

As a childcare provider I signed up to Bubble almost two years ago. I've had no bookings at all. In my area (West Surrey) maybe it is not used much by parents, I certainly did not see many requests for childcare... but you can't use the app to search for local parents looking for childcare so who knows how many parents were looking but the app did not tell me about.

I have provided ad-hoc childcare for over 25 years and I like to meet families prior to babysitting for the first time. So apps/services like these do not really appeal. I use and my own website and occasional posts on a local facebook group. I would suggest you use methods such as those to find one or two local childcarers who you can get to know.

SMaCM Wed 02-Oct-19 08:39:34

My daughter does babysitting through the bubble app, but generally she has only been found by people who have been told she is on there.

SafeCircle Thu 24-Oct-19 23:53:43

Where about are you located? I agree with others that the apps and sites you're talking about aren't ideal as you don't meet sitters first. The sitters are also not all DBS checked or even interviewed face to face, only do a 30min phone call. There is nothing wrong with looking for a sitter using a local service just be careful and make sure they have all the right checks in place.

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