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Out of school club costs - worried and confused

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Sulamma Fri 06-Sep-19 13:53:39

Hello, I would be grateful for some advice please. I am a single mum to one child and work full-time. Up until this week, daughter has been in nursery full time and I've been receiving working tax credit and child tax credit which helped towards nursery costs, plus i got the 30 hour funding. My DD is now 4 and started school this week. I have booked her into an out of school club on a daily basis as of next week which will cost me £90 per week. I haven't updated my tax credits yet with my new costs as I don't know whether I am better off continuing with tax credits or whether i should apply for tax free childcare. I am on a relatively low income of £21,000 per annum. Can anyone advise please what might be the best option and which website/s i should look at? Thank you very much.

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