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I need help

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Jarw Tue 27-Aug-19 15:16:48

Hi all,

I need help to understand childcare options and find the best one that is financially affordable for us.

My son is now 20 months and I've been desperate to return to work. It tends to be very lonely when it's just me and son all day.
My other half currently works full-time Monday to Saturday, 10 hours a day and his wage isn't bad, we've survived thus far but just about.
After maternity I resigned from my job as we moved away from the area and secondly they were just a horrible bunch to work for. Prior to finding out I was pregnant I had been actively applying for other jobs.

I have looked into childcare options but find it all so confusing and very expensive as this is our first child. The only way it'd be worth me finding a job was if we'd be able to get the 15 hours subsided by the government when my son turns two, family can't help as they live an hour away. We brought our first home while I was pregnant, and only considered affordability at the time, so we brought the house out of London, in hindsight I wish we'd considered childcare at the time. Can someone explains to be how it all works? What you guys did to arrange childcare? Whats the most affordable? When do I have to apply for it? etc. What are our options really?

Thank you

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Tue 27-Aug-19 15:19:23

Funded 15 hours isn’t until the term after the child turns three. Look at tax free childcare for a tax break on your childcare costs.

itsaboojum Wed 28-Aug-19 09:46:24

The information you need can be found at

Universal funded childcare ("free" hours) begins the term after a child’s third birthday.

Access to funded childcare at 2 years of age is dependent on eligibility, which is determined by whether you are in receipt of certain benefits; have been in care; or SEN statemented. This is explained in detail on @ link from

Once you qualify for 2 year funding, you keep the entitlement, no matter what. It is what it is; don’t expect government childcare policy to make sense. A lot of mums therefore delay getting a job until they get free care for their 2yo, on they can start work (or marry a billionaire) and still get some other poor soul to pay for their free childcare.

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