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Reconfirming 30 hours - child starting reception

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Vickersx Tue 27-Aug-19 11:56:04

Hi all, I’m wondering if anyone can help me as I’m in a bit of a panic.

So I have been receiving the 30 free hours and combining this with tact free childcare while my son was in nursery, however he is due to start reception in September, I got a message from childcare options about reconfirmation and understood he wouldn’t be entitled to the 30 free hours anymore, but when I went through the reconfirmation screen I couldn’t see anywhere to remove the 30 free hours? Just a button the confirm none of my details have changed. So I clicked submit thinking they will see on their end that I’m not entitled to the 30 hours and only grant the TFC.. however I received a message afterwards saying I have been awarded both. Obviously I know I’m not entitled to both, I only want to keep the TFC to pay for after school club but now I’m panicking I am going to get into some sort of trouble. Is there a way to remove the 30 hours or was i just being blind?

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Tue 27-Aug-19 18:43:35

Well no setting will be submitting a claim for your dc for next term so you won’t be claiming both...

SMaCM Wed 28-Aug-19 09:15:09

Don't worry. You don't claim the 30 hours, someone else does. They offer this, because not all children start school in September, so they will still use their 30 hours elsewhere.

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