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childminder vs preschool

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pastaparadise Fri 16-Aug-19 00:37:05

ds2 has just turned 3, and has been with a childminder 2 days per week since 14 months old. Generally happy and settled, but particularly as he likes another 2.5 yr old who goes too. When this boy is away for some reason, my son is less happy to go (though apparently still settles).

He's due to start school next sept. Now in a dilemma as to whether we should
a) keep him where he is settled with the cm (though i have to change days which the other boys family cant commit to at the mo, so risks him just being with a baby one of his days), but might struggle to transition to school next year? or
b) move him to a local private nursery. my older son has been there and we're generally happy with the care. This would probably only be for a year before school, and unlikely to meet friends who will transition to the school. Worried it will take him a while to settle and upset him unnecessarily.

Any help for my dilemma?? wwyd??

pastaparadise Fri 16-Aug-19 08:05:02


underneaththeash Fri 16-Aug-19 21:54:37

Is there not another preschool he can go to and use your free hours?

I'm sure a childminder will come along and say that childminders are as good as a preschool environment. But it does really benefit children to have a more school-type setting, the year before they start school so that they can do things like circle-time and get used to spending time with other children. I say that as a parent and a trustee of our local pre-school.

Your childminder may be able to drop of and pick up from a local pre-school (although it won't benefit you financially as they still need paying for the time).

ChildminderMum Sat 17-Aug-19 08:08:14

I'd leave him with the childminder for childcare/full days, and send him to a preschool that feeds into his future primary school for two mornings a week so he gets used to being in a big group and meets some friends.

user1493494961 Sat 17-Aug-19 08:11:13

Agree with ChildminderMum.

pastaparadise Sat 17-Aug-19 19:14:19

Thanks for the advice. Unfortuneately the feeder preschool does 5 mornings a week as a minimum which i dont want (in addition to 2 full days). Not sure a combination would be practical...

Blondeshavemorefun Sat 17-Aug-19 21:47:51

That’s a lot. Is it a private nursery leading to private school

Many of those like 5 am and 2 all day before start school

I don’t see the point in changing to the nursery your older child went to then hbage again

Far better to find a pre school and use along cm and then move next self

jannier Tue 20-Aug-19 13:44:45

Ask your cm what plans she has to support his socialisation and preparation to school particularly now hes going to be with a baby more.
We network with 3 childminders 1 hsx an assistant so our children have at least half the day with up to 20 familiar children on 3 days all are present. We do circle time with the children happy to request songs and talk in front of 30 children and their adults by the time they are leaving for school at 4 they often choose to stand and sing to everyone. They separate from main carer and ask for assistance from other familiar adults, have close friendships. They all self care...dressing, handwashing, serving drinks, etc. Recognise and write own name and do everything any ofsted setting would do.
Just becouse there are only 2 children on her books it does not mean they don't work alongside others but obviously they get the added advantage of some 1 to 1 for a proper time undisturbed by any of the others that a nursery would have around in a setting of 30 children.

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