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baby-sitting/child sitting

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fingernailsbitten Fri 19-Jul-19 10:45:21

I work at a nursery part-time.

I have no children.

I am thinking of starting a baby sitting service in my area because my weekends are usually free so I'd be availalbe for Friday nights and Saturday nights and any time over the weekend.

I work at a nursery part-time and am DBS checked.

I drive and own a car.

Nursery policy is that we are not allowed to babysit/mind children of any child currently attending the nursery and pre-school. Do you think this is fair?

Also, what is the going rate for babysitting say 7pm til 11pm on a Friday/Saturday?


confusedrn Fri 19-Jul-19 12:01:35

I think that policy is a little unfair - both on you and the parents! I've always preferred to use a staff member from nursery as I know my children will recognise them, and I know they will be fully trained (first aid etc). What's their rationale behind the policy, I wonder?

We've stayed in touch with one of the nursery workers from when my children were tiny and she still sits for us now. Perhaps you could start by offering your babysitting service to anyone about to leave nursery for school? That way you aren't flouting the rules smile

We live in Berkshire and pay our sitter £10ph

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Fri 19-Jul-19 12:03:56

The policy is there for safeguarding usually and to keep a professional relationship between staff and parents, rather than being afraid you’ll pinch business.

fingernailsbitten Fri 19-Jul-19 13:15:06

I understand the safeguarding aspect.

The parents and their child walked past my house at the weekend as I was washing my car. I said hello and their child said my name. I then introduced myself.

They live at the top of my road and the dad asked me if I ever babysit. I explained the rule and he said that they could sign a waiver saying that the arrangemt was nothing to do with nursery. I repeated that we ar enot allowed but said he could discuss witht he nursery manager.

It is a shame as their child (one boy) does already know me and it would probably be an occasional Sat night so the parents could go out together. Their parents live several counties away so are not on hand to babysit.

I have another job that occupies me weekdays (i.e. when the nursery is open) so this is not an an attempt to steal their custom but geniunely to help any parent who might want a babysitter for a few evening hours.

I am a rule follower but it is a shame I can't help these people who are new to the area and they only moved in to the house in April this year and don't know many people yet.

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