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30 hrs free childcare fee help!

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SocialworkerArmyCapt Wed 03-Jul-19 13:11:49


can anyone help my daughter is about to start private education which is 9k a year and i’m the past they accepted the childcare vouchers to contribute towards the fees... Does anyone know if the same applies to the 30 hours free childcare?

I don’t really understand it to be honest x TIA

snaxinyourslacks Wed 03-Jul-19 13:14:58

Is your dc starting at a private nursery school? You will need to ask the school themselves if they offer the 30 hours or not. The short answer is that some do and some don't. They may offer it as a discount off the fees and it may only be 15 hours. Hope that helps:

SocialworkerArmyCapt Wed 03-Jul-19 13:34:59

She’s in year two but the school used to take the childcare vouchers but the scheme is closed so i’m not sure if they would now do something with the 30 hrs free childcare. It’s a private school but they do before and after school stuff like music, fencing, hockey and swimming till 5pm so not sure if that would count as a source to fund?

Thursday452poh Wed 03-Jul-19 13:38:21

It’s up to the individual school as to whether they would accept them however it would only be for the breakfast club and after school care element. I can’t imagine this would cover activities such as swimming / fencing etc as I can’t imagine the school would have signed up to the govt scheme for this. Ie at state school after school activities are funded by the school or with parental contribution but if it’s a keep them and feed them type club till you finish work then they tend to be

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Wed 03-Jul-19 13:38:56

No the 30 hours is for 3 and 4 year olds.

Thursday452poh Wed 03-Jul-19 13:39:35

And the 30 free hours stops when your DC child starts school so that element of it no she wouldn’t be entitled too. Maybe the tax free element though but that’s up to school

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Wed 03-Jul-19 13:40:23

thursday that’s not correct, the child is too old for 30 hours funding whether it’s used for breakfast or after school clubs or not.

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Wed 03-Jul-19 13:41:05

Cross post!

Thursday452poh Wed 03-Jul-19 13:43:18

@GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat I meant the tax free element when I posted then re read it then realised Op was talking about the free hours 🙈🙈🙈 doh

Apple40 Wed 03-Jul-19 13:46:58

Hi, are you talking about childcare care vouchers you used to get through work? If yes then sadly these shut last October to all new applicants. You can still use them if we’re already a member and carried on paying in but if not then no longer available. Instead is Tax free childcare through the government you pay x amount government give you x amount. But I do not think this will cover school fees as it’s for childcare. Look on childcare choices website for help.

SocialworkerArmyCapt Wed 03-Jul-19 17:15:13

So I checked with the school and apparently there is a tax scheme they accept which saves £1100 a year not sure what this is though apparently its a gov thing?

Thursday452poh Wed 03-Jul-19 18:08:58

Yes it’s the tax free childcare we’ve all talked about

SocialworkerArmyCapt Thu 04-Jul-19 10:58:17

Yeah perfect I can save £2000 a year on the school fees which takes it to £7000 a year which is awesome much cheaper than the 1200 I was paying in nursery fees every month.

thank you for your help ladies

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