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Baby first aid and CPR training

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sandrawilliams Tue 25-Jun-19 07:29:55

Hello friends,

Baby first aid and CPR training

Recently, my sister delivered a baby girl. I accommodated her during her pregnancy days. I am happy that after 10 years of waiting, she had now become a mother. So we are providing extra care to the baby. Before becoming a mother, every woman will start preparations to welcome their little miracle. Every parent wishes to see their child living comfortable and healthy.

My sister read magazines related to pregnancy care. It is specified about the care after delivering the baby. In that, it is told that we should be always alert to emergencies in the case of our child's health. We should know about baby first aids and CPR. Before becoming pregnant, she had attended baby CPR and first aid training services in Toronto. Babies usually suffer from respiratory problems while bathing. So these classes would help mothers to act right in emergencies. Thus we can ensure the safety of babies.
Do pregnant women need awareness classes about baby caring?
Please do share your opinions and suggestions.

FairyDust92 Tue 25-Jun-19 07:42:32

It's good to have basic first aid skills but unfortunately in the UK we're not all given the opportunity to do it. Yes there are classes but some may not be able to afford to do it. Saying that there are a lot of helpful St John Ambulance videos on YouTube and they also offer free leaflet backs on their website. I'm fortunate enough to have gained basic first aid and CPR through my work. Still daunting thought having to put it into action though 😳

itsaboojum Sat 06-Jul-19 10:04:46

Many first aid trainers will run baby and child lifesaver courses at a fixed fee for a group. If you already have a venue and get enough parents interested, then that makes for a low cost per person. Ideal for something like a toddler group with a regular meeting place.

The Royal Life Saving Society do baby/ child courses covering CPR, choking and drowning, and then address any questions on other first aid procedures. These are often run on a voluntary donation basis, so long as you’re not doing it with a for-profit organisation. Search for local courses on their website, or contact the organisation if you’re interested in organising a venue for them to come along.

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