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15 or 30 hours?

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GlassSuppers Thu 06-Jun-19 09:33:55

Just looking for a bit of advice.

DD is 3 and is at school nursery 3 afternoons a week for 3 hours.
As of September she will be in nursery 5 days a week and I can't decide whether to send her for 15 or 30 hours.

She loves going and I've never had a problem with the nursery so far. I'm concerned because when she comes home she is exhausted and is very miserable and argumentative after only 3 hours of being there!
I'm also worried that all of her friends will be going for the 30 hours so if she's there only half of the time they are is she going to feel pushed out as friendships start to form properly?

I work shifts and her being there all day or half a day won't affect my income or working hours at all so that doesn't make a difference either.

What have others done in this situation?

Lost5stone Thu 06-Jun-19 09:38:05

I've decided to go for 30 hours (she's nearly 3 and does no childminder/nursery at the moment) as she starts school next Sept and I thought it would be good to get her used to being away from me a lot more. Could you phase to 30 hours, start with 1 full day and 2 afternoons etc

RicStar Thu 06-Jun-19 12:06:16

I would book her in for 30 hours - you can always have her at home for the odd PM etc when it fits with your shifts - she is more likely to enjoy mornings I think afternoons only must be hard as they go a bit tired.

ReturnfromtheStars Thu 06-Jun-19 20:59:54

If it really doesn't make a difference to you, I wold totally enjoy this last chance to spend a bit more time together before she goes to school. However rather than 5 mornings, I would send her two full days and a morning to still have two full days together. And actually, that's exactly what I did with mine smile

MrsxRocky Thu 06-Jun-19 21:36:15

I'd enjoy the time together. I worked part time when my boy was that age so had a lot of time with him. Once they go full time you can't go back so enjoy it while you have it

InDubiousBattle Thu 06-Jun-19 21:43:47

Keep the half days. Could you do 2 full days instead, so you would get her for 3 days without having to drop off etc?

Elpheba Thu 06-Jun-19 21:47:00

I could get the 30 hours but I won’t be sending DD in that much. She does 9-3 twice a week at the moment and from after Christmas she’ll do 9-4 three days per week. But like pp say, this is our last year together to do fun stuff when it’s quiet and to not do the nursery/school run every single morning. Reception is all about getting ready for school, people shouldn’t feel like they have to send their children to nursery 5 days a week if they don’t need to purely to get them ready for the following year.

Doje Thu 06-Jun-19 22:29:12

I've only sent DS in for 15 hours (well, actually it's two full days, 16 hours of my allowance). I could send him for more but don't. And yes, his main relationships aren't from nursery, but he has other ones from when we hang out with mums / kids. Do what suits you two - everyone's different.

Lazypuppy Sat 08-Jun-19 21:34:55

I send my dd 5 mornings a week, keeps a nice routine during the week. Nursery till 1 then afternoon with us or family

GlassSuppers Sat 08-Jun-19 22:04:31

I'm going to send her for the 15 hours and enjoy what time we have left before she goes full time to school, they're at school for so many years I don't want to miss any time with her before she grows up!

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