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Mixed childcare experiences

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anonforthespies43267 Sat 11-May-19 12:28:26

Due to go on maternity leave soon. Currently able to WFH 3-4 days a week so had planned to use a nursery Mon, Tues, Weds & Fri 8-6 (optional 7.30 drop off). My sis will have her Thurs. Due to changes in the organisation it is not clear what role options I’ll have when returning after 12 months but if I’m expected in an office more which is likely it’ll be 1.5hr commute each way and even a 7.30 drop off won’t work. DH leaves between 5-6am every morning.

I really liked the nursery & the setting but feel a childminder with optional 6.30am drop off would be more practical. I also think getting baby used to larger groups at a young age would be beneficial.

Has anyone successfully mixed CM & nursery with family 1 day a week too?

Littlefish Sat 11-May-19 12:32:47

In your situation I would go for a mix of childminder and family. Save the nursery option for a few years.

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Sat 11-May-19 12:34:53

I think a childminder provides a large enough group for a 12m old. That along with family, seems enough though I’m sure 3 settings might be ok for some babies.

Have you found a cm that starts that early? (I don’t 😴)

anonforthespies43267 Sat 11-May-19 12:44:08

@Littlefish thank you, you’re right I could reassess my situation after 12m and move to nursery if practical and felt she would be ok.

@GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat luckily 1 in our area and she lives near the local train station with links to our main city one. Planning to go meet her in the next couple of weeks. There are also plenty around a 20 min drive closer to town around 10 min from the main city train station we could consider. Would just be a pain on the days I was WFH if that was still an option sometimes.

DinkyTie Sat 11-May-19 12:47:58

We used a childminder and it was great, we got flexibility and a home environment for DC.

Dd2 is now at nursery 2 days a week, she is 3.5 and absolutely loves it. But if we hadn't moved she'd still be with the childminder as the school years can get tricky and a childminder works well also.

DinkyTie Sat 11-May-19 12:49:35

I should add I wfh 3 days a week so our cm had to live close otherwise it wasn't practical.

Apple40 Sat 11-May-19 19:06:17

For tiny baby I would stick to just a childminder and family as your little one will have a lot to adapt to with two different set of rules and being left. Also for the future I would ask the childminder when you meet her if she will do a drop off and collect from Nursery if this is what you want especially if you want the little one at Nursery all day and how she would charge you for this service.

anonforthespies43267 Sat 11-May-19 20:34:10

@Apple40 yes that sounds sensible, thank you x

Littlefish Sat 11-May-19 22:46:15

We did what Apple40 is suggesting. It worked brilliantly for dd.

itsaboojum Mon 13-May-19 08:22:06

Of the children I’ve cared for, I’d say the ones that tend to thrive best are those that combine childminder with a group setting such as nursery or preschool.

I say that with two rider so attached.
1. That anecdotal evidence, based purely on my own limited experience and judgement, not a scientific survey.
2. I would say it only holds true when the child is attending both settings for what I’d call a proper childcare experience. That is to say, they spend a decent amount of time with each.

I have children around 0630 most days and know of one local nursery that does likewise, but I don’t know how common this is. It will depend on the individual childcare provider.

If you want a CM to take your child to nursery and collect, they will often charge for the time they are at nursery (sounds unfair, but the way the regulations work on permitted numbers means you’re essentially blocking their opportunity to 'sell the place' to someone who would use it to the full.)

Don’t assume a CM will necessarily agree to shuttling to and from nursery in any case. Many CMs work for the job satisfaction of a proper relationship with the child, and the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to their learning and development. They won’t get that from being little more than a convenient taxi service / breakfast club to cover the times when nurseries can’t be bothered.

Hope you find something suitable. It’s worth some thorough research of what’s available in your particular area.

anonforthespies43267 Mon 13-May-19 17:58:44

Thank you @itsaboojum - the nursery we like is no where near the CM that offers early starts so if we mixed it would be 2 days nursery & 2 days CM if I could WFH on nursery days or be in a local office. My sister will have her one day a week I just wasn’t sure if 3 different settings across 5 days would be unsettling.
I personally prefer the nursery setting & in my limited experience find those children I know that go to nursery vs CM are a lot more social. X

Noonooyou Thu 16-May-19 13:12:58

In your child's eyes, it'll be 4 settings really. The child's parents 2 days a week, nursery, Child minder and your sister. It is a lot in my opinion. Some children will cope fine but I think it is too much personally. Everyone obviously has their own views, but I disagree that children who attend nursery are more social. Young children thrive off having a close bond with a few people. Childminders and nannies all do plenty of socialising for the children and I think it's the perfect balance rather than being in a busy environment all day.

Lazypuppy Fri 17-May-19 08:26:40

We did nursery, my mum and my SIL so 3 different settings.

My dd now does nursery 5 mornings, 3 afternoons with my mum, 1 i pick up and last my dp picks her up

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