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30 hrs free childcare and relocation/job change

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dimmu Fri 10-May-19 17:06:59

Hi everyone,
We are hoping to relocate during the school summer holidays and have booked DD into a nursery in our new hometown-to-be from September. She will be 3 this summer, and will get 15 hours of free childcare. The nursery also offers 30 hours to those eligible. When we move I will keep my job but OH will need to find a new one, he will quit his current job end of July but hasn't got anything else lined up yet.

My question is therefore, can we apply for the 30 hrs free childcare using our current address and the fact we are both employed leading up to the recommended application deadline, July 31st?
Can we use the code for the nursery in the new hometown in September?
When will we have to reapply, is it three months from submitting the application, or 3 months of her starting the nursery?


Mygoodlygodlingtons Fri 10-May-19 17:32:12

When is her birthday? If she is three before September, her 15 hours will start at the beginning of the September term. The nursery will give you a form to complete when she starts for these hours.

With regard to the additional 15 hours, it is going to be complicated by the change of address and circumstances. I'm doubtful that you will be able to claim them if your partner isn't going to be working then. I think that maybe the grace period wouldn't apply as you are going to a new nursery.

I would ring your local authority and check before you commit to the 30 hours with the nursery, or you might end up with a very big bill!

blackteaplease Fri 10-May-19 17:42:41

You can't claim the 30 hours until your child is actually three. If your dh is not working at that point you wont be eligible. You will have to wait for him to get a job.

dimmu Fri 10-May-19 17:44:27

Thank you for your reply.

If OH wasn't employed we wouldn't use the funding, just wondering If he changed jobs between applying for funding and DD starting at the nursery. DD is born in July so she should get the 15 hours from September.

dimmu Fri 10-May-19 17:56:09

@blackteaplease DD will turn 3 early July and OH won't be quitting his current job until end of July. I find the whole system very confusing.. not looking to cheat in any way but also wouldn't want to miss out on funded childcare if we are eligible for it.

blackteaplease Fri 10-May-19 18:02:33

Oh I see, that does complicate matters. Having had a quick Google it looks like you can transfer to a new provider after you claim. The issue you will have is if your OH doesn't find a job that meets the requirements before the next validation deadline. The nursery may not allow you to vary your hours

dimmu Fri 10-May-19 18:11:08

@blackteaplease thanks for the reply. I have tried googling as well but not not sure that made me any wiser!
To make things more complex DD has also been offered a place with possible 30 funded hours in our current home town, and we haven't cancelled this place yet (our safety net in case our home sale goes wrong). So we could possibly apply for funding for this nursery in our current home town with the current LA, and then transfer to the new nursery provided OH finds employment in the new town?

blackteaplease Fri 10-May-19 18:46:10

It looks like you can from these links. Sorry they aren't hyperlinks, I'm trying to put ds to bed

dimmu Fri 10-May-19 18:54:21

Thanks @blackteaplease will look into those. Think I will try and phone the helpline on website as well, although whenever I have called any of them in the past it's been waste of time!

Mygoodlygodlingtons Fri 10-May-19 19:16:39

Take care with regard to starting at one nursery and then leaving. You will have to give notice at the first nursery before moving to another. Some nurseries need a term's notice, so that would mean starting at the first one, giving a term's notice straight away and then not moving your child to the second one until January.

HighwayCat Fri 10-May-19 19:26:53

Not sure if this helps or not .... I’ve already been sent the 30 hours code for my DS who isn’t 3 until June. It came automatically when I had to reconfirm for tax free childcare as it’s all part of the same system, so you must be able to apply anytime. I need to reconfirm our circumstances are the same in 3 months before he’s even used it.

I would imagine (but not certain) the code follows the child, as you apply centrally. So you could apply in July before he quits and not need to reconfirm until October. When you apply and at each reconfirmation you’re supposed to be saying you expect your earnings to be the same for the next 3 months but there is a grace period presumably for these type of circumstances.

As I understand it there’s a very short window at the start of each term where they can claim. So you’d need to be moved and attending the nursery by the first week of September for them to use your hours that term.

dimmu Fri 10-May-19 19:54:02

@Mygoodlygodlingtons and @HighwayCat
Thank you both for your input.
DD is currently at childminder's and is registered to start at a local preschool (attached to primary school) near our current home in September. So think it should be ok just to let them know towards the end of the school year, there will most likely be lots if movement between different nurseries/preschools anyway.

New nursery is a private nursery and not attached to any school. We plan to move after the schools break up as we have an older child at primary school, so hopefully we would be in the new home by early August. OH will start applying for jobs from next month, and fingers crossed we will all settled by the time the kids start new nursery/school in September.
So stressful!

SMaCM Sat 11-May-19 06:16:34

You should be able to apply in July, start the new nursery in September and then hopefully your DH will be in work to reapply in October.

Double check the notice required for the pre school you already have a space at. You don't want to be paying there for a term you don't need.

TacoTeabagging Mon 20-May-19 19:58:34

The nursery uses the code to apply for the funding so the nursery she goes to before the move wiLL be paid the allowance. To move, you'll need to give the current nursery a months notice and they will reconcile the funding with the LEA and then the new nursery can apply. Also important to note the funding is only term time, si over the year is more like 22 hours and you will be charged top up fees of up to £20 a day for lunch and snacks and other things, pretty much all nurseries and CMs have to do this to make ends meet as the funding is pitifully low.

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