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Single mum. Benefits, uni/college Funding and Childcare advice.

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DollFace13 Wed 10-Jan-18 16:48:24


I'm just looking for some advice

I am a single a recently single mum to a 19 month old little boy.
I am currently not working and I'm on universal credit.
I applied for a uni/college course to refresh/add to what I'm already qualified to do which is Special effects. The duration is one year. Then I'm hoping to be self employed.
I've recently been accepted on this course which starts in September.
By the my DS will be 2years old and I will be driving (test soon) .
I'm aware he can get 15 hours free. (30 hours if working)
What I'm wanting to know is will this course effect my Universal credit, what about funding if not job/Universal credit and can I get childcare somehow while I study?

I'm just a little confused with it all.
I don't want it to affect my rent or money ect but I really want to add to my qualifications and set up self employed.

Advice /experience /information would be much appreciated.

Thanks DollFace13

FrostyThirties0 Thu 11-Jan-18 06:50:48

The 30 hours is for 3/4 yr olds only. The 15 hours for two year olds is only for some, you may qualify. You’d have to apply to find out.

Have a look at the childcare Choices website. It’s really informative.

Roobear23 Sat 13-Jan-18 21:19:35

It's worth noting that it's 15 hours free term time and 11 hours a week non term time.
I don't know if you have back to work meetings with the job centre? (I do on income support) but you can request a meeting and they are really helpful. When I asked about studying as a single parent it seemed that my benefits would stay the same and I would still be entitled to free childcare. If you haven't had a student loan before then that's still available to you as well. Good luck with it.

insancerre Sun 21-Jan-18 08:52:52

You may be able to get childcare costs paid by your college/ uni
You will need to speak to someone at your college to find out
You may also be entitled to 2 year funding which you will need to claim yourself online
The 30 hours is only for 3 and 4 year olds and students don't qualify, it is for working parents, so you are unlikely to qualify for 30 hours if you have been claiming 2 year funding, unless your circumstances change

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