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Childminder Pay

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sakura06 Thu 07-Dec-17 15:29:49

We currently have a term-time only arrangement in place with our childminder. We pay a retainer fee for the school holiday. Neither of these points are stated in the contract which was signed over 14 months ago because the childminder said she would 'add that later', but has only ever sent me a picture of the contract so I've no idea whether she added this on pages I have not seen. The childminder is now basically saying full fees need to be paid over the Christmas holiday (we have already given 1.5 weeks paid holiday since September). Do we have a leg to stand on if we were to stick to what we've always done and pay a retainer only?

insancerre Fri 08-Dec-17 14:45:15

I wouldn't pay that
I manage a nursery and we can't just add things to the contract
I do know we have to have a signed copy if the contract when we take any disputes to the solicitors
The solicitors won't proceed otherwise
How likely is it that your cm will take you court for non payment? Very unlikely if she can't prove you agreed to the terms and conditions
She might give you notice but then you just find another one, and she loses your business

sakura06 Fri 08-Dec-17 16:08:58

Thanks for your advice.

jannier Mon 11-Dec-17 17:29:14

This thread is different information to the one on the child-minders section, it would make it easier if you put all the details in one place...
You should have a signed copy of your contract have been using the service and paying for 14 months which could in law be taken as accepted practice. What have you paid for in previous holidays and last Christmas? In the other thread you said you have agreed 1.5 (or about ) days are accrued each 4 weeks so that would be around 18 said in the other thread you use 3 days a week so you have paid her about 5 days holiday so far......that would leave her about 13 days to take.

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