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Please help- Childcare grant for students using home childcarers

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Rubii Wed 01-Nov-17 11:31:10

Hi everyone,

I'm a full time student at uni in England. I've recently separated from my husband (the kids dad) and need to sort out childcare for my children asap as before this the children's dad was looking after them.

I have someone who is willing to look after my kids as a home childcarer/nanny, so undertake the first aid, dbs, ofsted registration, get insurance and do the core skills course.
I would need her for around 30-35 hours hours a week term time and slightly more during school holidays. I believe a nanny is usually classed as employed and not self employed? Is this correct? She will only be working for me.

My main concern is if I would be eligible for help towards the childcare costs from Student Finance. I have looked on the Student Finance guidelines and it says provided the childcarer is Ofsted registered, then you are eligible for the childcare grant.

Has anyone claimed the childcare element from Student Finance for a nanny?
Are there any nannies working for students that can advise of their employers get support from student finance?

Any help or info would be much appreciated as I don't want her to pay for dbs, first aid,
Ofsted registration, insurance and the core skills course only to find I can't get help through student finance and so can't employ her.

Many thanks in advance.

nannynick Wed 01-Nov-17 20:17:53

Have answered on your other thread:

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