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Nanny/Au Pair/childminder?

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girraffe Wed 01-Nov-17 10:07:04

I want to go back to work and I'm applying for part time positions but tbh I wouldn't mind going full time and it would open up what I can apply for.

I live in a 2bed with just DS(5) and I and think I need childcare who would be willing to take DS to after school activities for me to collect from there, cook an evening meal for DS, school runs, and if it's possible some cleaning/laundry while he's at school. I'm struggling to keep on top now that I have no idea how I will stay on top with being back to work

How much do I need to budget? What is it I'm really looking for?

hiyasminitsme Thu 02-Nov-17 11:53:08


1) can you have someone live-in? sounds not if two bedrooms only, so that would rule out an au pair

2) where are the after school activities? do you need a driver and if so do you have a car they can use or do you need them to use their own car? If the latter they need business insurance which may or may not be included in their car insurance (if not you'd be expected to fund it) and you need to pay them 45p per mile

3) do you only need after school? what about mornings? holiday cover? if you can employ all day you'll pay less per hour

4) nannies who do a full day are (in London) at least £10 per hour net which works out around £12-13 per hour gross. those who do just a few hours will often charge more per hour as they have less scope to make money in the rest of the day

5) if it is a regular job you need to employ them, run a payroll and maybe contribute to their pension

6) an au pair would be much cheaper if they don't need to drive him around, but would need a room of their own and if not getting their own bathroom you may struggle to recruit

does that help or just throw up more questions? good luck.

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