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Registering for tax free childcare

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Pops1985 Mon 02-Oct-17 21:22:42

I tried to do this today because I am going back to work at the end of the month and have received the invoice already to pay for when my daughter starts nursery. Our childcare costs are £12,000+ so the calculators all tell us that tax free childcare rather than vouchers is the way to go. However I tried to set up my account and the gov website says only when I am 14 days from starting work, this seems to be cutting it really fine? Any experience would be greatly appreciated! Every penny helps for this first month when I won't actually have been paid anything. Thanks

NSEA Mon 02-Oct-17 21:28:00

Speak to nursery and tell them you are paying via this method so first payment may be a bit late whilst you get set up.

Pops1985 Mon 02-Oct-17 22:00:55

Thanks NSEA I will do that tomorrow when they call to sort out settling in sessions

Snap8TheCat Wed 04-Oct-17 19:56:03

Why should the nursery accost a late payment? Yet again the government take the credit for all their fancy ideas and it’s providers who have to deal with the consequences and be paid late. Lovely way to start your childcare arrangement.

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