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Help please-Dilemma- Need to decide pre-school today!

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catwells Thu 21-Sep-17 03:06:22

Hi there,

Basically, I am choosing between two pre-schools for my two children aged 2.5 and nearly 4.

Pre-School 1] Is a pre-school my daughter attended in the spring for 1 day a week, 6 hours. ( she also goes to a forest school 10 hours a week).
Small- max of 10 children. It is in a lovely country setting although no access to garden from pre-school but they take them across the little road to a green space once a day where they have their own play equipment.
Two teachers only.
Very structured- 20 minutes painting,30 minutes circle time, 30 minutes book reading etc.

Pre-school 2
Bigger -18 children
4-5 teachers
Outside space is a concrete patio with some play equipment facing the road by a round- about
very unstructured-child-led . Seems rather chaotic and noisy. Different play stations set up ie painting, snack, home corner, play doh etc and the children just wander as they please. The teachers move around and will sit for a few minutes and just show them somethign and then move on.

So Pre-school 1 my daughter attended last year.
She was quite happy here but one lovely teacher left and the owner has taken over her role.
The owner is very qualified in childcare but seems to lack understanding with children and not very warm towards them.
The other teachers seems ok.
We had a progress talk about my daughter towards the end of the term where she showed how she is meeting her age groups "targets". " weeks later she called me in for another talk and said that my daughter was not meeting "targets" and my daughter would get her numbers mixed up and wasn't as good as the other children her age.
The owner was not positive about the forest school setting and just shrugged her shoulders about it, whilst pointing out that my daughter was 3.5 and really should know her numbers and letters more. (not important in my eyes, she is only little and plenty of time for that)

My younger son alwas came to drop off and pick up so he sort of knows it too.
Because of the way these target talks were conducted I felt very unhappy and decided to move setting.

Pre-school 2
My children have attended this one for the last 2 weeks.

On the first week I left close to tears as it just seemed so chaotic and noisy with children running arund and shouting ( a bit like a busy playgroup) but my two children came out quite excited about the day and my daughter said she wanted to go back.

2nd week, a bit better. Both children seemed happy there. Both were exhausted and daughter so grumpy/never seen her like it, afterwards which I never saw in pre-school 1. I am unsure if it is the right setting for them due to the noise and chaos.

But then worried about the structured pre-school 1 is too structured for my son who is only 2.5 and delayed speech.
Worried they will have too high expectations of him and the teacher may not get him at all, he certainly doesn't know numbers o r letter yet. He throws things and sometimes pushes other children and his siblings ( I know!) when he doesn't get his way.

Pre-school 2:worried it is too unstructured and my 2,5 year old will just stomp around and not really get any guidance. My daughter 4, is very easy going.

In terms of ease to get to, they are both the same.
Pre-school 1, works out 30 pounds cheaper for a term.
Pre-school is nearer to the school my daughter will go to. Spoken to some nice mums who have had their children there for 1 year already and they are so very happy with it.

Help please! I have been mulling this over and over for a week and can't seem to make a decision!! 3 am and must go to bed.!

Thank you if you managed to read through it all.

Hunkle Thu 21-Sep-17 03:12:40

Pre School 2 without a second of doubt.

It sounds very very normal to let children play and totally be themselves.

Your DD was probably just tired, it sounds like they love it there.

100% Pre School 2.

The first one sounds awful. I would tell them as well.

Hunkle Thu 21-Sep-17 07:15:07

A lot seems wrong with the first one.

Awholenewstart Thu 21-Sep-17 07:17:12

2 without a shadow of doubt

Lunde Thu 21-Sep-17 09:15:04

Absolutely preschool 2 - number 1 sounds too rigid

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