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Moving to Winchester from London with a 10 month old

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LooLoo777 Mon 18-Sep-17 21:24:44


We are just about to make a big move from East Dulwich to Winchester; we're moving to the Fulflood area. I am a first time mum and have a 10 month old boy. Due to the move I have left work (ahhhh!!) and all of my NCT pals behind.

Our plan is to settle in and try to establish ourselves, whilst I look for work. My partner will be commuting to London.

Is anyone local who can help me?

- are there any good baby groups you would recommend for babies around his age?

- similarly, any good groups for mum's?

- are there any nurseries or childminders that you know of that might be open to taking him one day a week or two mornings a week (the plan being that he would go somewhere very part time and then up his time when I find work)

Any other tips / advice etc for our move and settling ourselves in?

Thanks everyone!

MaryM17 Thu 02-Nov-17 22:10:20

Hi! Just seen this post so you've probably settled in well by now, but if you need some more ideas for things to do there's a group called Boo & Mummy on facebook that lists the baby and toddler groups in Winchester every night for the next day, I found it really useful to remind me which groups are on! Hope you've found some nice ones already! If you need to know anything about the area just let me know!

LooLoo777 Tue 21-Nov-17 11:29:51

Thank you so much! We’re startjng to settle in now.

I do have one random question ... do you / does anyone know of any dentists that are particularly good with babies? My little man is learning to walk and fell on his teeth. We took him to a dentist as his teeth don’t seem quite the same, but it wasn’t a great experience all round I have to say. Any tips welcome!

Also, if anyone else locally has a one year old (or there abouts) and fancies meeting up, I would be up for it!!

Thanks again for the tip! Great suggestion

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