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Best place to advertise for a mothers help?

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RetirementCarriageClock Wed 06-Sep-17 20:43:38

If you were a childcare professional looking for a mothers help position, which website/s would you advertise on or search for vacancies on?

I need a mothers help but haven't a clue where to find good candidates!

NomDePlumeReloaded Wed 06-Sep-17 20:50:45

The Lady?

That childcare website? Forgotten the name. Prob something like

NomDePlumeReloaded Wed 06-Sep-17 20:54:25

Is a 'mother's help' a role for a 'childcare professional'? I thought 'mother's help' was a person who assisted with household & child tasks but was never alone with the kids. Sort of what au pairs were supposed to be before folk started using them as cheap nannies. Unless I've also got the original purpose of au pairs wrong too (no sole childcare responsibility).

RefuseTheLies Wed 06-Sep-17 20:57:08

Have you got a local Mums Facebook page? That's where I've found most of my domestic help.

Evelynismyspyname Wed 06-Sep-17 20:57:38

A mother's help is not a childcare professional - more of a cleaner/odd job person/ household help/ babysitter... I guess be clear what you are actually looking for! I'd expect a mother's help advert to just be local - local paper, local facebook group, newsagent window. Its not a job somebody would move house for. If you are looking for a childcare professional you'd probably want to advertise for a nanny...

GoingRogue Wed 06-Sep-17 20:59:42

Ask your local Children's Centre maybe? I'm a volunteer who will soon be doing Family Visiting - spending an hour or two a week helping parents in their home (never left with the child/ren and won't have responsibility for them).

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