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Single parent - childcare options for full time but minimum wage job?

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user1464795209 Mon 04-Sep-17 11:30:51

Hi everyone
Wondering if somebody could help .
I've got a 1 year old who will be two this October and a 4 year old who is 5 in November and starts school next week .
My partner is currently in prison so I'm classed as a single parent . I'm currently unemployed but I do have a teaching degree . I would like to look for teaching assistant jobs as I don't feel confident enough at the moment to go into teaching as a class teacher just yet . Anyway teaching assistant wage isn't much it's about 16.000-18,000 a year at best . I really want to get into it but I am worried about not being able to afford child care ? And also if my benefits all will get taken I'll end up in debt ? How does it all work I've done the calculator thing online but it confused me . Would I qualify for help
With childcare for my almost 2 year old and before /after club for my 5 year old ? It all is worrying me . Also my housing benefit I can't afford this flat if they took that away and wouldn't b able To afford it on th age I would get as a teaching assistant

Brain is fried

underneaththeash Tue 05-Sep-17 08:14:14

Could you try and think of this year as your work experience year and then consider going back to teaching next academic year, you'll earn more and then childcare won't seem out of your reach.

You'll get your 15 hours free for your 2 year old from January this year, find somewhere that will let you use this in a block, so 2 full days rather than 5 mornings and then use this time for work experience, rather than paid work.
The department of education has a service that teachers returning to work can use (I'm sorry I can't link it, but if you google, teachers returning to work, it should show up). They will be able to point you in the right direction. The work experience may even translate into a teaching position.
Good luck

INeedNewShoes Tue 05-Sep-17 08:16:29

I think you'd get working tax credits as well as help from one of the government schemes for childcare. For example they've just started a scheme where for every £80 you pay towards childcare they'll pay another £20 or something like that.

user1464795209 Mon 11-Sep-17 18:30:14


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