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3 years old communication problems

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Pinkish00 Sat 02-Sep-17 07:09:53

My 3 years old has communication problems but not autistic. He plays with other children very well but doesnt talk to them he is delayed in receptive and expressive language. He will start nursery and speech therapy soon. He knows us all he points at us and recite our names but never call us by our names instead he cries.. I teached him to say help me mom but never say mama spontaneously.. Help

Cailleach666 Sat 02-Sep-17 07:26:29

Hi, I had two speech delayed children.
DS didn't say his first word until he was 3 years old, speech came very quickly when it did.
DD was 3.5 years old when she first said Mummy.

Both are now extremely fluent and about to start University.

Yayitsfriday Mon 04-Sep-17 12:00:30

Have you had him assessed by a paediatrician? It is extremely difficult, and often unreliable to diagnose a child at that age, in the UK many specialists will not give a definite diagnostic that young if the signs are not obvious, and might carry on monitoring for signs of autism as the child gets older. Are you in the UK?

Also, have you had his hearing checked? Will he be going to a school nursery or a private nursery? You can try to make an appointment with the SENDCO as soon as possible to discuss this. I know this isn't much help, but everyone's experience is different.

My DS is now 10 and had a severe speech delay and disorder, and was saying nothing at all at 3, was not answering to his name, not playing with other children at all. He is now going into year 6 at school and speaks very well (still pronounces some words with a strange accent) and is doing academically very well.

Starting nursery often helps children, and please try to have the speech therapist communicate with the school directly to support them in helping your DS.

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