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British nanny Singapore

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ntvirus Thu 31-Aug-17 20:08:54

Hi ladies, We have just moved to Singapore from London (still in serviced apartment). It is an easy place people tell me but I am feeling a bit daunted and clueless.. like to get the feel by walking around which is not an option in this weather. Surely will find my feet soon. 
I am looking for a British nanny/ babysitter for my daughter aged 2&1/2. My requirements are pretty flexible. I am basically looking for someone friendly and creative to play with her indoors and take her out occasionally to parks/malls. I will have live in help to support. Please let me know if you know of one.

tinypop4 Sun 03-Sep-17 21:56:29

Why do you want them to be British? It is the total norm to have a helper to provide childcare and other domestic tasks. We had one from the Philippines and she was outstanding with my toddler. Interview carefully and make sure you get references about her childcare abilities specifically.
You will have trouble finding a British nanny out there

ntvirus Mon 04-Sep-17 02:16:30

Hi Tinypop,

Thanks for replying. My daughter has speech delay due to various issues with her hearing etc so I am looking for a native English speaker who can do a lot of pretend play to develop her language but I think I should consider a speech therapist who could visit at home.

I have realised getting a British nanny would be difficult. How about governess? I am also thinking of home tutoring my DD for few years.

newbian Mon 04-Sep-17 02:24:40

I believe they are quite rare in Singapore for visa reasons. You might consider hiring a tutor or sending your daughter to English curriculum playgroup/nursery, but even then you will not be guaranteed the teachers are British as native English teachers in Asia can be Australian, American, Canadian, etc.

allthingslipsticks Mon 04-Sep-17 02:32:38

I agree with newbian and her suggestion of the tutor. There are also quite a few expat playgroups around, even informal ones when you move into a condo. After living in Singapore for a number of years, I can tell you that 99% of nannies are Fillipino. Brits tend to have high flying jobs there. If you look look hard enough you may be able to find one who speaks exceptional English through a decent agency.

Rhubarbginisnotasin Mon 04-Sep-17 02:35:25

OP, try this website. Its an excellent source of staff.

pilotswife Mon 04-Sep-17 02:39:21

I was a nanny in Singapore ! I spent a year there when I was about 18. It might be worth asking on the expat boards if anyone has a daughter at home pre or post university. I only came across one family who had brought their English nanny with them. She was a career nanny and had lived with them for quite a few years. It was a lovely job as there was a full time cook, an amah, a driver and a garden boy - the children were both at primary school and parents travelled! Re settling in - give yourself time, you'll find your feet. Really recommend joining the American Women's Assoc - they do all sorts of interesting things and are very welcoming. Homeschooling could be a very good option for you - so many "activities" to choose from for your daughter to meet and play with other kids. Hopefully where you live has a pool or you have access to a club.

Rhubarbginisnotasin Mon 04-Sep-17 04:51:50

OP, sorry, I just wanted to add that the site Ive directed you to is not just for au pairs. I source my sons care team from them for eg.

hellokittymania Mon 04-Sep-17 05:53:08

Just an idea, but could you ask around among other ex-pats to see if anyone spouse who isn't working is the speech therapist? Many expatriates who are not allowed to work have more time, and I know a few get bored. You might find somebody that way.

tinypop4 Mon 04-Sep-17 19:58:54

I see op. Well, my dd went local pre-school which she loved but I wouldn't recommend if it's English you're worried about as she came away speaking this quasi-Mandarin/Singlish/English dialect!
But, you could send her to the Kindergarten class of one of the many International schools where she is much more likely to be taught by a native English speaker. I know the Stanford American School has a pre-school class and I think takes from 2 years old in their Ducks class and their teacher will be British English.

PiratePanda Mon 04-Sep-17 20:03:50

All the Singaporeans I know speak far better English than about 99% of the British people I know.

Just specify fluent English.

ntvirus Thu 07-Sep-17 12:03:41

Thanks a lot everyone for all the great suggestions. I have been travelling/ walking around central Singapore quite a bit in last week (weather's been green, cloudy and breezy!!). I feel quite comfy now, have visited some schools and pre schools. I think international pre-school (although clearly overpriced) is the way to go. I like Eton Claymore (for N1 N2) or Tanglin ( Nursery onwards). Any feedback on these two? My only worry with Tanglin is sending LO by school bus.. can't send by taxi everyday, too expensive. Are buses safe for that age 3/4 yrs?

tinypop4 Thu 07-Sep-17 12:32:32

In this country you would never go on the school bus at that age but in SG it's the complete norm for children from just turned 3. They have bus aunties to make sure they're okay and everyone does it, it is safe as long as you're happy with it.

pilotswife Sat 09-Sep-17 10:47:44

Yes buses are fine and perfectly safe. Tanglin is great !

AD93 Wed 28-Mar-18 14:35:59

Hello ntvirus,

Hope you have settled in well and are enjoying Singapore!

Did you get anywhere with finding a British nanny over there? I would be really interested to know.

I am a British nanny and my partner has a job opportunity in Singapore. I would really like to carrying on nannying should we move over, but after extensive research I just can't see how its possible- there seems to be barriers with visas/employment passes etc.

I would gratefully recieve any advice/knowledge from you, and it would be interesting to know if you've met any families with a British nanny.

Thanks so much,


ntvirus Mon 23-Sep-19 16:22:38

Hi Annabelle,

What a shame i misses your message. Last two years have gone by so quickly is Singapore. With weather not changing much every day looks the same - very routined!! Anyhow I like it here. I am still looking for a nanny so please do message me if you are still here.

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