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Childcare options? (Odd situation)

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EssentialHummus Tue 15-Aug-17 17:05:39

All ideas welcomed!

I'm expecting my first. I see a psychotherapist twice a week in the afternoons. Therapist has said that I'm welcome to bring the baby along for as long as I like, but that in her experience this gets more and more distracting after four-ish months.

So - I effectively need childcare for 50 minutes + travel time, twice a week. Happy to extend this so that I can (for example) do a weekly shop or whatever while DC is in childcare to make it more worth a childminder's time, but basically I've no idea who would be interested (if anyone) in providing childcare for such a short period.

There's one local nursery that offers childcare from 3 months, but they are so far not returning my calls.

Any ideas?

jannier Tue 15-Aug-17 23:27:04

I have frequently had children for these type of reasons, normally referred through a HV who can put you forward for funding (if you meet the criteria which is not just income based).

Many cm's have gaps in their weeks and could accommodate 2 afternoons worth calling around.

BackforGood Tue 15-Aug-17 23:38:08

Lots of childcare providers will provide short sessions - or even (if you can afford it) 2 x half day sessions, which would - as you say - give you a bit of time to fit in some other things (such as shopping or a hair cut or a dentist appointment or 1001 other things that are easier without a baby). You just need to find the one with the space at the time you want.

BoffinMum Tue 15-Aug-17 23:51:38 might help?

EssentialHummus Wed 16-Aug-17 13:42:33

The sitters website has actually turned up someone interesting, thanks Boffin. Will try local CMs too. We can afford longer sessions if need be, just not sure I'd want them with such a young baby.

Doglikeafox Wed 16-Aug-17 19:43:19

Definitely ask around local childminders. Lots will have gaps they need to fill, such as when a child is in pre school 9-12 or 12-3.
Alternatively, they might want to change a half day fee but it's definitely worth asking X

jannier Fri 18-Aug-17 14:44:07

Leaving a young baby (an not so young baby) is always hard but if doing so lets you get support its worth it. Ask for recommendations and references ask what age they have experience of, and choose an experienced career childminder. Then spend time with them see how they react with your child watch how they work you will get a feel for their suitability. No good cm will take your child without you feeling comfortable and ready.

EssentialHummus Fri 18-Aug-17 17:12:51

Thanks jannier. I don't rate my chances for funding (I'm seeking treatment privately for my own MH and probably fall below the NHS diagnostic threshold) but will ask, and will contact CMs as you suggest.

My NCT group is also starting to bat around the idea of babysitting for one another for mums to run errands, go to the gym or whatever else - not sure how much we'll want to do that in practice, but if it comes through I'll also pursue that.

jannier Fri 25-Aug-17 15:12:46

you may also find that if your local children's centre has funding that they run crèches for struggling parents in your type of situation ours does once a week the staff at the children's centre determine a families need.
If your lucky you will find a cm who has a few spare sessions or does shifts and can accommodate you if you can be flexible, this may be a possibility if you are a private patient and can have more choice on your appointments.

drinkingtea Fri 25-Aug-17 15:19:22

I used to childminder for the DD of a couple who were both in the police and worked shifts. They always had their shifts well in advance and I'd then send out a list of my free slots to 3 sahms who all liked to use ad hoc slots for a break/ hobbies/ time with another child/ errands. Worked well as I was able to charge the shift workers only for the dates they used but still fill my slots and charge the ad hoc slots out at a higher rate My other mindee was full time anyway.

Its certainly worth asking about for a registered child minder who has free short slots, it's very common.

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