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looby1304 Thu 27-Jul-17 08:04:38

I have first baby due in December and am going to be returning back to work at the beginning of July, but am already thinking about costs as I am returning to work part time.
Can anyone give me a rough estimate of costs for a day at a nursery and a childminder? I'm based outside of London so will be avoiding those high prices thankfully!
Thanks in advance

insancerre Thu 27-Jul-17 08:07:14

My nursery is in the northwest and it's £39.95 for a baby place 8-6
£3.50 to start at 7.30
Discount of 10% for a full time place

Rumtopf Thu 27-Jul-17 08:09:06

I used to childmind and charged £4.50 per hour which included all meals and snacks (unless there was a serious allergy and then the parents would provide) and all the local activities we would go to. I'm in Suffolk so prices are v different to London.

tiba Thu 27-Jul-17 08:09:20

South east - approx £60-70 a day

fairiedemon Thu 27-Jul-17 08:12:10

I pay £69 a day 0730 - 1800 in the South East.

wobblywonderwoman Thu 27-Jul-17 08:16:26

I pay 4 per hour

wobblywonderwoman Thu 27-Jul-17 08:16:50

I pay 4 per hour

whenyouwish Thu 27-Jul-17 08:25:15

Nursery here 8-6 £55 and childminder 8-6 £45.

looby1304 Thu 27-Jul-17 08:31:21

Thank you! Good to know that I wasn't too far out with my very brief fact finding/estimating!

Invisimamma Thu 27-Jul-17 08:32:12

Central Scotland my private nursery is £50 per day, snacks included but not nappies or meals.

Childminders here are around £4per hour.

maudeismyfavouritepony Thu 27-Jul-17 22:18:43

Kent / London borders, £6 per hour.

jannier Thu 27-Jul-17 22:20:48

You might get a better idea is you actually say the region you are in.
Not all London is as expensive as others Im in a London Borough and some charge £4/hour

alltouchedout Thu 27-Jul-17 22:23:17

The closest nursery to me is £44 a day for under 2s. Childminders vary wildly, I know one charging £30 a day and another £50. I live in Manchester.

welshweasel Thu 27-Jul-17 22:27:00

Nursery is £45 a day here, 0730-1800, all meals and snacks included.

user1464795209 Mon 04-Sep-17 11:30:03

Hi everyone
Wondering if somebody could help .
I've got a 1 year old who will be two this October and a 4 year old who is 5 in November and starts school next week .
My partner is currently in prison so I'm classed as a single parent . I'm currently unemployed but I do have a teaching degree . I would like to look for teaching assistant jobs as I don't feel confident enough at the moment to go into teaching as a class teacher just yet . Anyway teaching assistant wage isn't much it's about 16.000-18,000 a year at best . I really want to get into it but I am worried about not being able to afford child care ? And also if my benefits all will get taken I'll end up in debt ? How does it all work I've done the calculator thing online but it confused me . Would I qualify for help
With childcare for my almost 2 year old and before /after club for my 5 year old ? It all is worrying me . Also my housing benefit I can't afford this flat if they took that away and wouldn't b able To afford it on th age I would get as a teaching assistant

Brain is fried

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