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Summer residential camp

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Americancampanna Tue 18-Jul-17 20:12:21

Hi smile what are mum's thoughts on residential camp for a week? Do you think we need more? If so, how much do you think they should cost a week?

insancerre Tue 18-Jul-17 20:16:25

No, we don't need more
Not sure we need any, really

llhj Tue 18-Jul-17 20:23:28

The reason they're so popular in USA is that their summer holiday is twice as long.

They'll never gain traction here.

Snap8TheCat Tue 18-Jul-17 20:26:32

No I actually like my children...

VikingVolva Tue 18-Jul-17 20:26:34

Why do you want to know?

How old are your DC?

Supply tends to grow and shrink to meet demand - have you been unable to the one you wanted?

GreenTulips Tue 18-Jul-17 20:28:54

Loads of local ones here - mostly camping - trails water sports camp fire normal sport and athletics -

12 upwards

£20 per day including food - runs for 4 weeks so you can dip in

DonkeyOaty Tue 18-Jul-17 20:34:24

Wow at 20 quid a day. That's brilliant!

Americancampanna Tue 18-Jul-17 20:39:42

As a full time working mum I've found it hard to find childcare options that my children (9 and 11) enjoy. When I was younger I worked at an American camp and had the best summer of my life. I was wondering if any other mums have had this problem and if there were similar things available in the uk. I've seen some but was unsure if they were a little pricey- about £500 per week.

BrieAndChilli Tue 18-Jul-17 20:43:21

There's PgL and a couple of other camps, quite pricey though.

I think that unlike the USA which is so large everybody has childcare option nearby - council led at leisure centres, schools run holiday clubs etc that there is no need to stay overnight.
If we had to drive 2 hours to child care then yes it would be worth them staying over but most people have something within 1/2 drive.

BrieAndChilli Tue 18-Jul-17 20:44:07

£20 a day for over night including meals and activities??!!! That's very cheap, just a morning or afternoon camp is £20 around here!!!

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